Playing Catch-up

Seems like this past week and weekend were on fast forward.  We had so many little things going on and now I feel as though I’m playing catch up so here’s a sort of miscellaneous post.


I guess my biggest highlight was yesterday’s road-kill find.  And before you really freak out, I have good reason (okay, maybe I’m a little weird too.)  On our way to church Hubby spotted something “strange” on the side of the road so he stopped quickly (quiet country road thankfully!) and backed up.  It was a Bobcat!  He jumped out to inspect as I yelled, “Get it!  Get it!”  He was smiling at me as he started back for the truck WITHOUT the cat and I kept saying, “Get it!”  “Why?”  He says… So I can skin it of course!  So he went back and got if for me and it stayed in the back of the pick-up until we got back home.  Thankfully it was a cool overcast day or she wouldn’t have been as pretty as she was.  So I got home and donned some gloves and set out to work.  As it so happens our neighbor and renter is an avid hunter and Hubby ran in to him (no, not literally) on the way to our barn while I was slicing and dicing.  He sent our renter down to help out, and boy was he a welcome sight!  The only problem I was having was how exactly to go about something like this without ruining the pelt.  I was also expecting it to be an all afternoon affair but our neighbor helped immensely and we got it knocked out in about 30 minutes.  Now it is in my barn with loads of salt, drying and waiting to be shipped off to the tanner’s.


Fall has certainly happened upon us quickly and the breeding groups of Jacob sheep are all set.  Raider has 16 girls and Prescott has 18.  If Raider could get a hold of the little punk, I’m sure he’d teach him a thing or two out of jealousy but thankfully a few miles separate them.


I also wanted to show you proof that I actually learned how to spin at Shannon’s!  Yes, I was doing pretty well too and Robin even showed me how to ply and do the Navajo three-ply… Now to find that Ashford Traveller used and for a good price!



Hank also learned a thing or two at Shannon’s.  Shannon is a great herding dog instructor and gave me some help on really seeing if Hank had the ability and “drive” to help me with the sheep.  As it turns out, he did really well!  Collies certainly move a lot slower and as Shannon said, like they’re going for a walk in the park, but he got the job done!  I was so happy to see that he was willing and able to help me out.  Collies were originally an all around farm dog but have been bred to be just for show and thus have lost a lot of the brains and instinct they once had.  The collie I grew up with (Henry) was the best dog ever and was your typical Lassie — brains and all.  Looks like Hank may have the ability to live up to his name-sake after all. 


Here’s Shannon working with my dad and his dog, Harley, and Australian Shepherd.  Shannon was very skeptical on how Harley would work out as they tend to be pretty intense dogs but was pleasantly surprised that Harley was methodical and listened to my dad very well.  She thinks he’ll be great help on their little farm.


And now a shot of Annie with her very beautiful head-piece made by our dear friend, Glenda, from flowers out of her garden.  We always love things we receive, but they’re extra special when they’re handmade such as this.  What fun we have now, playing dress up!


So this is life in the fast lane… One day at a time.



About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Looks like a lovely trip! I think your version of the “fast lane” is the best out there!

    Keep livin country and enjoy the slower pace. I know I am! 😉

  2. I think it is great that you were able to make use of a the pelt. I hate seeing an animal lose its life for no good purpose. Good for you, for taking the initiative to skin it! Was this your first attempt? I’ve only read about how to do it.

    • Yes this was my first attempt personally… I’ve seen it done before though so had a good idea of how to do it, just no experience. 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Your spinning looks great!!!

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