Fun with Llamas – A Ram’s Tale

Yesterday my hubby helped me move the rams over to the new house.  For one, so they could be closer; two, so I could keep an eye out on them easier; and three, so our renters could bring a horse in and use the old rams pasture.  Over here next to the new house there’s a very large pen that used to be fenced for a garden but has been out of use for a while.  I cannot remember what crop they used to plant in there but do remember it being dried in the barn near by (before it burnt down in one of our devastating wild land fires.)  Anyway, a friend of mine started grazing her llamas in the pen (I told you it was large!) and has been now, for probably over three years.  At one point, the pen was expanded to include the out-flow from the large pond above so the water was constant and also included a couple willow bushes, some oak trees and even more grass.  This pen in the spring grows amazing grass but right now is mostly “California Golden.”


My friend, Laurel, uses all her llamas as pack llamas… Well, all except Ethan because he refuses to have any sort of dealings with such hard labor.  Smart guy.  But seen above is her trusty llama, Raisin, who is very reliable and very sweet. 


I can’t remember this guy’s name but thought it was “Susan” until I checked the under carriage and found out that more than likely not HIS name.  I love his face though, so beautiful with all the colors and swirl.  Even Hubby commented that “she’s pretty.”


This is “Journey” and he wants to grow up to be an Ewok.  I think he just may pass… As an Ewok/Yoda creature.


And here’s Raisin, with all his hair.  So cute and they’re all so inquisitive!  They’re such fun to hang out with and they’re so curious about everything.  They just loved Annie’s stuffed toys she was carrying around.


Of course, Harry, our dog-like-cat cannot stand to NOT come with us on our walks.  He is so cute, look at that smile!  And of course the llamas like to follow him all over the place, noses down to the ground.  Thankfully they haven’t been a real big threat to him but just curious and he’s smart enough to run when they get too nosey.


The rams, or “Dudes,” as we call them have adapted already pretty well.  Hudson wasn’t sure whether to flirt with the llamas or to take them as a threat.  He stomped his foot a couple of times when this photo was taken and then promptly took all the Dudes away.


They willingly follow, for the most part as they’re all just this year’s lambs and Hudson is a “big kid” being a year and a half old now.  Raider is currently out of the picture as he’s in a breeding group of about 16 ewes across the street in our big pasture.


I am curious to see now how the llamas and sheep adapt together.  Will the llamas become protective?  Hard to tell as not all llamas are protector quality but it’ll be interesting to watch and see how things develop.


But right now it is still THEM…


vs. US.

I think “nosey” wins out.

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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. I love “Susan’s” head; it is so pretty! And Raisin’s head has a compelling equine quality to me. Sounds like the new place is great!

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