Monthly Archives: September 2010

Annie & Vern

Normally the scene around here is “Annie & Violet” but a new relationship has been in the works since early spring, when Vern was about a month old.  I was out taking photos when he plopped himself down right next to me and started chewing his cud!  This could only be a Violet baby of course, and too bad it isn’t a ewe lamb with this personality as normally all the rams around here are either breeding stock, or eating stock. 


So yesterday, after feeding all the rams I went back in the house and continued packing boxes (we’re moving… post coming soon) and then was wondering where my daughter was, because it was so quiet!  I looked back outside and there she was, visiting with Vern.


Keep in mind, everyone else was interested in the feed that was thrown out but Vern was content to visit and eat from Annie’s hands.  Unfortunately, Vern was not on the list of “breeding stock” so that only left him on the other list.  But after yesterday’s episode we’ve looked in to how much it would cost for castrating a ram lamb.  I guess there’s always some exception to some rules and Vern is certainly becoming an exception / acceptation.


“Phew!  That was close!”

And just for showing off’s sake… Here’s a picture of Vern’s brother Vincent and his beautiful set of horns.  Already curling at 7 months old.