Summer Days

Today Annie and I attended one of our summer playday/gymkhanas with Cookie and Sunnie.  A couple of local sisters have started performing an opening flag ceremony which is really fun to watch and see.  I like that our flag is being represented.

They do a good show and do have “performing” under their belts — Ashley (the one in the visor) is a professional ballerina.

Cookie was taken out a few times each event — I rode her, Annie rode her and our friend Maleah rode her.  She got to know each event pretty well!  She was acting up a bit in the beginning and wasn’t standing for anyone to get on so she got in trouble a bit.  We actually had a bit of an accident due to her walking away while I was putting a little friend up in the saddle behind Annie and my telephoto lens mount ended up getting broken.  I’m pretty sure it’s beyond repair.  But I am very glad that neither girl got hurt… And, Annie was on Cookie as she trotted off (toward Sunnie) and she stayed on like a champ!  I was proud of her for holding on and continuing to ride through the day.

So for being a snot, she got tied up in “Haflinger Alley” with all the other dozers.  Obviously her attachment to Sunnie is getting a little too strong.

Sunnie was tied in the shade most the day.  He got off to graze and hob-nob with the folks who were left.  It is a scortching day today and we had a few people leave early.  After that, we decided to end a couple of events early as everyone was starting to be too hot and tired.

I think it’s pretty cute that both my “kids” like a good trailer ride — window down, of course.

Here’s a project I’m working on lately — I was inspired by a painting that I’d seen but it was of all white sheep and I thought, “I can make it more fitting for me and do Jacobs.”  So here’s the start.  I  need to get some deeper shades to add more depth but my mom only let me go this far yesterday so I didn’t muddy things up.  Thankfully, I have a wise teacher to help me along on my watercoloring adventures.  I’m so detail oriented that the freedom of watercolor drives me a little crazy, but it’s good training to let things go and not be so restraining.

My favorite sheep on here, with the way she turned out is Hazel.  I really like her face and how the paint worked out.  From left to right through the painting is Winifred, Violet, Hazel, Demure and Lilly.  I’ll keep you all updated on how it turns out. 

Now I’ll leave you with a view of the thunder clouds that have been rolling in every evening —

Having our usual hot and humid two weeks in July here at Mud Ranch.


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Glad to hear it your lens mount and not your lens!
    Your painting is progressing well. Keep us updated 🙂

  2. Glad to hear it was your lens mount and not your lens!
    Your painting is progressing well. Keep us updated 🙂

  3. Haflinger alley made me laugh 😉 Sounds like you are doing your best to enjoy the hot and humid weather! I love the painting progress and can’t wait to see the finished masterpiece.

  4. Well with a good looking guy like Sunny waiting for her, I can hardly blame her for running off to meet him! There is just something about that boy of yours… he is stunning! Glad no one was hurt, other than the lens mount! 😦

    Looks like you have a great little riding community in town. Looking forward to getting to know the horesey folks in Auburn.

  5. Love the painting too! So creative. I hope you will share the final piece with us!

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