Sheeply Duties

Yesterday, with the help of my husband, my daughter, and my parents, we accomplished the great task of shearing 44 ewes and two rams; 46 in all.  Thankfully we have a man whom we hire to come out and do it… He’s short, stocky and comes from a long line of sheep shearers and does the job well.  Only one ewe was nicked out of all those sheep!


We got them all done in four hours, the ones slated for attending the Black Sheep Gathering (BSG) were separated as well as some left-over ram lambs whom kept escaping.  I was also able to really pick apart some that need to go on the cull list and the ones whom I will definitely be keeping.


This is Mud Ranch’s Stardust who will be one of my yearling ewes to attend the BSG.  She had her first halter lesson and though it was a bit wild to start with, she had eventually settled after all of us would walk by during the activities to touch her wool, rub her face, or just say hi.  I have a feeling she’ll be much more settled in two weeks with a bit more work.  Hopefully I’ll be able to go halter-less in the show ring… If I’m feeling comfortable.


I am, however, having a hard time picking which ewe lambs will be attending.  I have one picked for sure, a four horned named Mud Ranch’s Aurelia.  But I am having a hard time deciding between Mud Ranch’s Christabel, foreground, and…


Mud Ranch’s Susannah.  Any likes/dislikes on these gals?  I’d appreciate some input.  I think Susannah is a little longer bodied, both stand correctly and are alert in carriage.  Susannah’s coloring is not the “perfect” Jacob pattern as she’s more pinto than spotted but has a beautiful set of horns and a pretty face.  Christabel is stocky and taller and also has a proud carriage.


Can you find the real sheep in this picture?

I set aside a few fleeces and bagged them after skirting.  The few I kept were Raider’s lovely fleece and some of his yearling daughters who have soft and luxurious lamb wool.  After a little more picking I plan to list them in my etsy shop as raw fleece.

Other than that, I have been making my lists on whom will be bred this fall, who are lilac carriers, and who is going on the cull list.  I know, culling can be a hard thing to do especially when it comes to your older ewes but it has to be done.  I cannot continue to keep the old gals while also keeping their daughters… It gets hard on the ol’ pocket book.  So there’s a few that I’d like to see go to pet homes and a few who will inevitably be bound for auction.  Just being truthful on life here at the Ranch…

About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. I didn’t remember that Jacobs are shown shorn!

    • No they aren’t… That’s why I think I said except for two who are still fluffy. Atleast that’s what I said in my mind. 😉 The one being tied is still full of wool.

  2. I like the overall look of Susannah. Are their fleeces similar? The real sheep in the pile of wool is very funny 🙂

    • I think I like Susannah the best too… Just something about her. 🙂 Yes, their fleeces are similar, much like the kind you like… That Wrangler has. 😀 The sheep in the wool was Simon’s idea… of course. 😉 LOL

  3. I like Susannah’s looks as well. From the set of her tail, to the sweet face, she is lovely. When a sheep is nicked in shearing, do they become dinner?

    • So I know nothing about sheep conformation. Susannah’s foreleg might be further back on her body than Christabel’s or it could be the angle. Don’t know if its good or even matters, but I do like Christabel a lot. The sheep in sheep’s clothing is a hoot!

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