New Acquisitions

Every year I bring in some additional blood to my Jacob Sheep flock and well, I’ve been continuing with my genetics coming from my favorite Jacob Sheep farm, Kenleigh Acres.  I had originally got our first Jacob ram from Shannon and have continued for years now, usually with a new ram every other year.  I’m more than pleased with what Kenleigh’s Raider has produced for us in 2009 and now again in 2010 so he will be staying and will continue putting excellent fleeces and horns in to my flock.  The only bummer is that with the sale of my lilac ram Kenleigh’s Debonair, my colors have dwindled from lilac and black and white to pretty much straight black and white because Raider does not carry the lilac gene.  My goal is to produce some of his offspring that are lilac so I am introducing Kenleigh’s Prescott to the Mud Ranch flock.


While this adorable little lamb is not lilac himself, he does carry the lilac gene and from a wholly different side of the country.  Prescott is sired by Patchwork Abraham who hails all the way from Patchwork Farms in Georgia.


Not only will Abraham bring the lilac coloring back to the Mud Ranch genetics through his son, but he also brings with him years of flock planning for beautiful fleeces and nice horns.  I’m excited to see these genetics inter-mingled with Mud Ranch.  And hopefully, when Prescott is bred to my lilacs and lilac carriers, we’ll have a rainbow of colors again in 2011.


Also coming to Mud Ranch is Kenleigh’s Paisley.  I am thrilled with bringing Paisley here to Mud Ranch, her contribution is the genetics of her very gorgeous sire, Greenwater Julian which includes excellent structure and beautiful fleeces.  Also, Paisley is the daughter of one of my very favorite ewes, Kenleigh’s Infinity.  Infinity is a very sweet ewe whom I met in person last year.  I had always admired her though, from her very first lamb pictures on Kenleigh Acre’s website.  Paisley is growing to be a very nice ewe lamb and I love how wide her horns are! 

That is what is in store for the Mud Ranch flock in the coming months.  Another exciting tid-bit is Mud Ranch’s genetics moving to Nebraska!  A young man has purchased Mud Ranch’s Tobias for his Jacob flock and Toby will be going with me to show at the Black Sheep Gathering next month (In 21 days!  Ack!) and then staying at Kenleigh Acres until his long drive home to Nebraska.  I am very happy about this arrangement and hope that he produces lambs beyond his new owner’s satisfaction.



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  1. Congrats on both the purchases and the sales! (Although as a Shetland breeder, I had to laugh at the “rainbow of colors” comment; Jacobs look pretty “black and white” from here! 🙂

    I sent you an email but haven’t gotten a response. Are you coming to OFFF? Or just BSG? I’m thinking ahead about my own possible acquisitions this year, and transportation for them.

    • Hi Michelle, Well… This year my flock was pretty much ALL black and white and with the different patterns of lilac, it adds a lot more “color” to a Jacob flock. 😀 To us Jacob breeders, that IS a rainbow! 😉 LOL

      Regarding, OFFF I don’t think I’ll be coming up for that. Just BSG. September is a very busy month for my husband’s business and I have a big feeling it would be just more stress than needed. If I do come up just for myself and browsing, I’ll let you know but I highly doubt it. Anyway, I was going to email about that today but got busy… I’ll email anyway just to make sure you get the message. 🙂

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