Fishing + Riding = Fun Weekend

We were able to squeeze in a fun couple of days this past weekend.  Saturday we swapped kids, two for our one plus a nephew and his friend and headed out fishing.  As it turned out, there was a kid’s fishing derby going on at the time and lucky for us it ended about two minutes after we arrived!  Why is that good?  Because every one packed up and headed out leaving us with the water to ourselves and all the large fish they didn’t catch.



Of course, Simon said Rodney needed to kiss the fish… I like the picture anyway.


I’ve also been working on my manual exposures on my camera and each of these taken have not been enhanced in PhotoShop except much needed sharpening for digital files… One must always sharpen!

We caught four fish, got snowed and hailed on, lost many a hook in the bushes and enjoyed an ice cream afterward in the freezing weather.  What’s not to enjoy?


The scenery was gorgeous with all the flowers blooming… Much to my delight there was lupine!


But for a twist, a grounded fly who wasn’t too excited about the weather.


And many colors of bachelors buttons getting ready to bloom full speed ahead… I bet this week that little hill will be amazing.  Maybe we’ll have to head back up for another fishing excursion.


The water droplets made for some fun macro pictures.

Then on Sunday after church I headed out with my friend Maleah for a few hours exploring a new trail I’ve been wanting to go out on.  The flora there was about to burst too and there were many sightings of lupine, violets, larkspur, dogwood and I think strawberries.  We’re going to go back and explore the many different ways to go so hopefully I will have more pictures.


Here’s one of the beautiful views that are to be had up on this ridge.  And much to my surprise, it looks as though we were further back away from town than I thought. 


My friend Maleah riding Tiki.


And me on Cookie.  Kudos to Maleah for taking such a fantastic photo!  Here she thought hers was going to look bad compared to mine… I like her work much better than mine!

And we also found a view of the lake which was also a pleasant surprise. 


We had a lovely mommy-time-away and plan to go back and explore soon.  I always love finding new places to ride especially since I grew up riding around here and it is hard to find some place new that isn’t privately owned.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Wow, the new format looks great! Nice to see you riding in the beautiful hills. Enjoy them for me!

    Only 10 days til I am a resident of the North State again, woo hoo! Now to start the search for a new horse…can’t wait to get back in the saddle again! I have my sights set on doing the Tevis cup in the years to come. I will be calling you for training tips! 🙂

    • That’s AWESOME Rachelle! I will definitely help crew for the Tevis… I’m an old pro. 😉 Well… Okay, I’ve done it once. 😀 Anyway, let me know if you need ANY help at all. And I do know of an Arab gelding in Redding that was available, though I think he’s in his teens. I believe he has done endurance in the past but was a teenager’s horse and she doesn’t have time for him anymore. I could inquire for you if you want, and get more specific details.

      • That is awesome Joan, didn’t know you had already completed the Tevis cup! Then it’s settled you will have to be my coach. If you will have me, I am a quick learner and other than being a bit “talkative” I am a great student! 😉

        Give me a few months to settle into Cool and I will be ready to start my horse hunting. Maybe that Arab will still be around. Can’t wait to have a horse in my life again!

      • NO I haven’t completed… Just crewed although I did complete crewing. My mom’s long time friend has completed many times and that’s who I crewed for. Both her arab geldings have over 5000 miles under their belts. 🙂

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