Close Encounters

Annie and I have a lovely day of nice weather today and are expecting more rain so we decided to head out to the lake and take in the beauty.  Of course, just like a moth drawn to a light bulb, I went directly to my little patch of lupine.


I’ve got issues, I know.  I hope you don’t mind my craze for lupines but if you do, never fear the season will end soon and regular blogging will commence.




Once Annie was able to pull me away from the patch, we headed to the shore line to see what kind of things might cross our path.  Our local lake is gorgeous, usually very calm water, very shallow but full of color and life.  I’ve always seen a lot of birds here including bald eagles, geese and ducks of all kinds.  It’s definitely a fun place to watch nature go by.


Off in the distance I saw this goose with her two goslings and started snapping away, thinking they’d avoid us like the plague and this would be the only shots I’d be able to get.


As the goose drew closer, two mallards went along behind her… Told you there’s a lot of action!  In the back, just at the base of the grass is some specks in the water, that was two male mallards fighting over a female.  There was a lot of splashing and flying by which made for a lot of entertainment.


And obviously Mrs. Goose had her own agenda and kept coming closer and closer much to our joy and surprise.



Annie was throwing small rocks in to the water at the time and I kept whispering to her that she would scare away the geese… I almost think it attracted them!  They kept coming in closer.  It was so fun to watch them dive and eat.  The goslings would have their bottoms up and come up with water plants in their mouths and now and then Mrs. Goose would too.


They went past a couple times then went across to the patch of grass out there in the middle of the water and grazed a bit on that too.  Then they headed on back from where they came from.  I do wonder where the Gander was though as usually the pair is there together. 



Meanwhile, Annie went a little deep with her rain boots and we decided to take off the wet boots and socks so she could wade.  She enjoys throwing rocks in the water and could do that for hours I think.  Which is a big deal for such an active little girl.


I found a goose feather for her at one point and she said it needed a drink.  So, this is what a feather looks like when it’s thirsty.


Our only other visitor besides birds of all sorts was this kayaker out enjoying the serenity of it all. 


Yes, I do live in one of the most beautiful places in the world… We just try to keep it a secret.

By the way, not bad scenes for a macro lens eh!?  Yep, this is all taken with my 105mm macro on manual mode for the camera and the focusing with very little photoshopping except to sharpen.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Looks like a perfect day! Great shots, especially with a macro, very impressive Joan. 🙂

  2. I too love Lupines. I grew them one time in my flower bed, but when we built our house I had to move them and haven’t gotten them to grow since. As always, beautiful pics!

  3. All beautiful shots, but I love the one of Annie with her back to the camera. What a pretty place!

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