The Great Pollywog Hunter

What’s a pollywog?  A tadpole of course!  I spent much of my life growing up around a pond.  The pond life always interests me and is ever changing and exciting.  The creatures you find in a pond is always amazing… Much like the deep sea actually.  Some of the things you’ll find in a pond can give you the chills right down to your toes.


Annie and I have been taking walks to some ponds very near our house that are quickly dissipating as the days stay warm and the rain lessens.  The fun about these compared to our big pond is that she can wade right in with her rain boots on.  She has taken quite a liking to the pond life too and like her ol’ ma loves pollywogs!


When we went up hunting on Friday we found lots of pollywogs to be had all along the shore, but of course didn’t have a container!  So we went back up this morning with a glass jar and as luck would have it we didn’t have as good of hunting conditions.  Most of the pollywogs were out toward the middle, and I didn’t have on my rain boots!  So we hunted patiently… Annie, not so patiently.  You must understand how the mind of a 2.5 year old wanders so quickly.


Soon she was off.  Making an obstacle course out of the banks, leaping and jumping off of little hills.


This is one view I am so grateful for living in the country.  The freedom, fresh air, and activity is so good for our bones and minds.  I know some people think that neighborhoods are more important where a kid can socialize and ride bikes up and down the side-walks but I beg to differ.  Out here a kid can explore… We don’t just watch movies about exploring, we really do it.

Meanwhile, as Annie runs along the banks… What does her very sophisticated mother do?  Catch pollywogs!  And not just the easily gathered small ones, but the big fat ones with tiny legs poking out below their tails.


And shivering and shuttering over the strange bugs swimming around as well as wondering what-on-earth kind of eggs are these?


And though it was tough, I did catch two big ones and Annie ALL BY HERSELF caught a small one.  So now we have a mommy, daddy and baby pollywog family living in a jar on our counter.  We’re hoping they’ll become happy little froggies that we can learn about and then set free again.


That is, if I can convince her that it would be a good idea… Which I’ve done before though that’s no small feat.


We don’t grow sissies here at Mud Ranch.  And we learn something new every day.




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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Love the picture with Annie reflected in the pond!

  2. A girl after my own heart. Lily used to monitor the toads mating in our pond. : ) We have hatched bullfrogs and leopard frogs and pickerel frogs…currently there are 9 toad tadpoles living in our kitchen. We don’t grow sissies here either! (she caught a snake a few weeks ago!)

  3. Pollywogs are so much fun!!! I agree with Linda – great picture. I have a hard time convincing Theron to release his ‘pets’ too. I’ll have to check our pond and see if we have pollywogs yet? I think it is a little early yet.

  4. My daughter has drug some tadpoles in from my water garden in the yard. They are living in a fish tank in the living room. On warm days she sets them on the porch. You have some beautiful pictures on your other post. I need to get some tips from you. My daughter got a new camera with way too many settings. Some of my pictures haven’t been coming out too good lately, or maybe pictures can’t do the real thing justice.

  5. Hi, I found your blog while surfing. Really enjoy your wonderful photos! I added you to my personal blog … – my other blog is my MaryJanesFarm blog page … MaryJane’s Farm
    Ranch Farmgirl

    Perhaps you’ve heard of MaryJane Butters aka MaryJanesFarm? If not, you can visit the Home site at . It is a massive site and you can visit many of MJF’s pages.
    Happy Trails.
    Shery Jespersen – the MJF Ranch Farmgirl blog columnist

    • Wow, thanks Shery! This is very exciting… I always pick up the next Mary Jane’s Farm magazine at my local Tractor Supply. Thank you so much for the kind compliments and for commenting and adding me to your blog list. 😀

  6. I love this post, this reminds me of being a child! I spent hours outside playing in the woods, creek, swamps. I loved it and would not change it for anything. You know, I am doing a polliwog project at school right now! I’m telling you it’s been so amazing and fun! We’ve found all kinds of unique microscopic creatures in that pond from my sister’s property! Even something called a cyclops, LOL!
    You can boil lettuce (and freeze it) pulling out small bits at a time and unthawing them to feed to the tadpoles. Ours devour it like piranhas!! It gets super soft like algae and they eat it up- Abbie will love watching it! Just make sure you boil it first (must cook it down and kill any potential germs?) We’ve had one huge tadpole (out of about 20) sprout his first set of hind legs. So exciting!

    • Wow, awesome PG! Thanks so much for the tip on the lettuce. I had planned on going up and collecting more plants from the pond to feed but the lettuce idea is great! 😀 Thank you thank you!

  7. Sorry I meant Annie not Abbie- I am dog-sitting a lab named Abbie right, I have Abbie on the brain, LOL! 🙂

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