April Snow Brings May… ?

Well, hopefully it’ll bring a nice snow pack to our local mountains, provide water to our lakes and rivers and lush grasses and pretty flowers to our valleys.  I kinda wish it snowed yesterday, kind of like a prank on us humans who’ve been thinking that spring has sprung.  I should have known better last night though, as I was cold to the bone.  I had a really hard time warming up.


Nothing says “spring” like snow laden lilac buds.

We woke up to a couple of inches this morning and it kept dumping pretty hard.  It has just stopped now at 2:45 pm as I write this and we have an accumulation of about 5” in spots.


This was the drive to my parent’s house… Don’t worry I was cautious and I’m a professional one-handed-driver one-handed-camera-operator. ;)  I was also creeping along in my pick-up.  On my way back we had a lot more snow on the road that had built up a burm between the tire tracks.  It was pretty exciting!


My parent’s forsythia covered in snow with the yellow blossoms trying to peek out.


I’ve decided that Annie likes to simply LOOK at the snow and not really touch.  As soon as her hands get cold (after about 5 minutes of being out) she is done.  And if she falls in the snow?… We’re history.  She would much rather dress warm and stare out the windows rather than go out and play.  I can’t say that I don’t blame her but I do think she needs to see other kids play in it so she can realize that it is fun.  If I tried to show her she’d probably think I’m nuts.


The other creature that would rather be inside than out in the snow is… Well, yes, that is a LAMB inside the house.  This is Stuart, my parent’s bottle baby.  He was rejected by his mother for his much “prettier” sister.  I happen to think that Stuart is much prettier than his sister but that could be because of his bright blue eyes.  By the way, that orange pad is directly next to the wood stove located to the right.


Stuart is supposedly being “weaned from the house” but I’m not seeing much progress in that area.  Seems as though whenever I stop by he’s in the house wrecking havoc on whatever he can find.  One of his favorite things to do is chew on magazines or papers and pull them off on to the floor.  Another favorite (which is pretty darn cute) is to butt a volley ball around the floor.  He even kicks it with his hooves… I’ve yet to get a picture of that.


One of my high priorities in inclement weather is to make sure my feeders are full for my little feathered friends.  Here, some lady gold finches are take advantage of the feed left out for them.  Buzzing around the ground and surrounding trees are others such as black headed phoebes, little red house wrens, and a brown spotted wood pecker that’s really fun to have around… Not obnoxious like the acorn wood peckers (the ones everyone recognizes as the black w/ red heads.)


One of the little phoebes was hopping around on my half barrels and buzzing in to get the seed that fell from the finch feeder. 


And of course, our peach tree is in full bloom… So much for fruit this season!


The snow sure looked pretty on the blossoms and branches though.


One of our first wild flowers to bloom in the spring are these shooting stars.  This one had found a fairly protected spot under (my daughter says “hinder” for “under”) a ponderosa pine and hadn’t been whacked by the snow like everything else was.


Last but certainly not least… My poor sheep are very put out.  They hate that it’s supposed to be spring and now it has snowed all over their grassy pastures.  I have thrown hay to them a couple times today now (much more than normal) and they’re not consoled.  They want me to go out there and clean up this “mess” RIGHT NOW!

~Enjoying the beauty, the freshness, and trying to appease the sheep here at Mud Ranch

About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Oh goodness! Our spring has taken a backseat too, but no snow, luckily.
    Stuart is a darling! I love the picture of him curled up by the fire.
    p.s. I can’t believe how big Annie is getting! 😉

  2. So pretty! Stuart looks like a trouble maker 🙂 I love the peach blossoms in the snow.

  3. Nice pictures but keep the snow your way. It’s hard to believe 3 weeks ago we had 13 inches on the ground and yesterday it was 91. I think Stuart knows how to use those blue eyes to get his way, he would be hard to say no too. My daughter is going with me to take our bull to the sale today, I hope we don’t see anything we just have to have, but if stuart was there I probably couldn’t resist.

  4. I love your photos and I remember seeing snow like that in Montana in June so do not feel bad. I live in Belgium now and although not quite spring weather yet they would all panic at snow like this.
    Love all you photos

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