Ain’t No Sissy

Harry “aint no sissy” – that’s for sure.  He has a front, his blue eyed, white, long haired self leads you to believe he eats Fancy Feast out of a crystal bowl and lounges around on a sheep skin all day. 


While he does enjoy a nice warm lap and the comforts of home, I am certainly not allowed to go on a walk through the pastures, up our road, or just exploring around the property without him being in tow.

As I was walking around through the sheep getting photos of the lambs and some registration pictures of some ewes I need to get done, Harry was with me the whole time.  He follows diligently and will even yowl at me if I have some how left him in the dust.  I’ll wait and call him and he comes running to catch up. 


He even oversees Annie playing in the dirt and if she runs…


…So does he.


Harry waits patiently while I stop and take photos, take a few steps and take some more.  Often I’ll find him winding around my legs or just off at a distance, taking it all in.


Sometimes he’ll explore a little on his own, such as in the blackberry bush.  See him there?  The little white spot amongst the thicket?


He’ll play a little with the lambs too though isn’t too keen on sniffing nose to nose.  I think he’s a bit cautious and doesn’t want to be harassed too much.


He’s also not afraid of water, at all.  This little seasonal stream that runs through our pasture can move quite a bit of water and he’ll go lap at the shores without hesitation.


And just because he can, and because I’m on the opposite side, he’ll jump and clear the water.  Notice this is the headwaters, the dry land is just to the right.


Then he lays down, soaking up the sun and sniffing the breeze.  Got to rest after a leap like that.


And he certainly doesn’t move for just anyone… “You can go around, thank you very much.”

So, true to my character (and because I wanted more pictures) I crossed the stream again down low and called my little furry buddy.


“Harry!  Time to come on back… Let’s go over here and get more pictures of the lambs.”






Nope, he ain’t no sissy for sure!  And underneath all that hair is a very light, small framed cat.  He’ll take on the world too, size doesn’t stop him.


Harry and I know who the real sissy around here is… My 18 lb. cat, Jack or as I lovingly call him “Baby Jack.”


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. He’s sure a beauty – and tough, too 🙂

  2. harry is AWESOME. He reminds me of (personality=wise) our cat Monkey. Very people oriented and also comes when called. Can’t wait to meet harry this summer. : )

  3. Cattle Call Farm

    Beautiful cats! At a distance Harry looks like an Arctic fox.

  4. I think these shots and commentary are the start of a kids book…all about Harry and his duties around the farm.

    • Actually Kate, it reminds me of a few children’s stories my mom has been carrying around in her head about a cat and another about a collie dog. I think mom and I will have to collaberate. 😉

  5. What a character! Looking forward to more pictures of your bouncing babies. 🙂

  6. He is handsome for sure! Nothing beats a good cat :-). What on earth is the tiger looking thing in the two pictures midway down?

    • LOL… You had me stumped Sara! Then I went and checked it out… Way back when, they tried to have a culvert go through the whole length of our pasture which worked for quite a while until a fire came through on the mountain above us and then that winter all the debris slid down clogging the culvert. The section you see in the pictures is where the culvert finally gave way, so now we have a seasonal stream through half of our pasture, while the other half still runs through the culvert. 😀

  7. Such a cool cat! I love the picture of him sitting in the pasture with the sheep in the background.

  8. Wow, what fun pictures, love the leaping over water one! Is Harry a Russian Siberian? He looks a lot like one! They are supposed to be really cool cats (and hypoallergenic! 🙂 Fun post!

  9. One of the prettiest cats EVER, glad to know he has personality to boot. Boy cats are the best…

  10. We’ve watched your website)))Lot’s of funny crazy sheeps,deers,lamas…))and nice cats)
    Very pretty daughter you have)

    best regards from Russia)

    • Thank you for stopping in and commenting! Nice to hear where everyone is from, Russia is such a neat place. My husband is visiting now and is loving his visit. 🙂

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