My Land Rover – For Townie

A regular reader of Mud Ranch, and I believe the first comment I ever received on this blog that wasn’t a family member, friend from Scotland, “Townie” will appreciate this post.  As it turns out, we have something in common.  Townie and I both own an old series Land Rover.  No, these aren’t the commonly owned cars by yuppies such as the Discovery or the LR3’s – these are the real McCoy made from the early 50’s up through the 80’s.  These are the old British made cars that were commonly driven by farmers in Great Brittain but were soon deported all over the world by the British who used them in Africa and on safari, that’s where you may recognize them from… Movies such as The God’s Must Be Crazy had the older Land Rover’s in them (I adore that movie… know it by heart.)  They’re a four-cylinder, four-wheel drive (very good ones at that!), and very basic for those folks who like to work on their vehicles.

My Dad became a sales/parts and service man for the Land Rovers back in the early 70’s and was one of the largest distributors for the West Coast of the USA for many many years.  I grew up bouncing around in the back of these rigs and married a man whom I met through Land Rover ownership.  These vehicles are in my blood and now I finally have one of my own… Not my parent’s and not my husband’s.  It is my dream Land Rover too (my husband owns my other dream Rover, a Series 3 Lightweight Air Drop — military used these for pushing out of airplanes with parachutes and picking them up with helicopters, I’ve got to post pics of it one of these days.  It’s awesome.)  Anyway, my dream Land Rover is this beauty… A ’71 “Late Series IIA” with a “Tropical Top” and jump seats in the back.  I toodle around in this thing all the time now and am finding it very handy for around the ranch, being a farm girl.  So, I had this vision of getting pictures taken of me with it… I had wanted my collie dog (excuse me  Annie, I mean YOUR collie dog) Hank in the pictures but never-the-less he’s been tossed by some angry ewes lately and is pretty timid of being in such close quarters.

Anyway, here I am, holding my lamb with the flock circling around on a misty foggy day, just like in Great Brittain.  I have my crook there made in England too of Sweet Chestnut leaning against the car.  My sheep also happen to trace back to British ancestry and so do I… My Grandfather was born in Lancashire England.

So to say that Land Rovers run in my veins would be a true statement.  Thank you Dad for sparking that love for which I would have never met my husband and thank you Hubby for giving me my very own Rover to love.  I’ll also always love my Ford 350 Powerstroke too… Just in case she’s out there getting jealous.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. A very neat post and a wonderful peek at your personal history!

  2. Great post Joan! I love the pictures of you with your sheep and your crook and your Land Rover.

  3. So glad that you finally got a Roover of your own! 🙂

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh {swoons} look what you’ve got 😀

    I LOVE it … it looks great!!….. lucky lucky you 🙂

    I still have mine and I love it to bits… I hope you have loads of fun in her i’m sure annie and the dogs will love charging around in the back of it across the fields and backroads.

    That’s made my night 🙂

  5. Wow! We are two peas in a pod! *lol* I grew up pining for the Rover used in Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. 🙂 Love yours!

  6. Well your old Pa is pretty proud of his girl(the shepardess). The old late IIA looks pretty good in the pics. Not quite sure that she was “deported” from the U.K. though; She was probably “exported” to the U.S. as a North American model. Also known as a N.A.D.A. (North American Dollar Area). Well come to think of it, she could have been “deported” knowing her background.

  7. Great pictures! The one with you and your flock is my favorite.

  8. NICE RIDE . . . just don’t let Grandpa Cookie play with it. . . . . .

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