Facebook: The New Frontier

It seems Facebook is a bit of a controversial topic for a lot of people.  Some people admit they know nothing about and have no desire ever to learn anything about it – regardless of how people try to talk them into it.  They think it’s weird and adds to the online social networking that they are certainly opposed to.  Though I had thought it was a bit strange when I saw a cousin using it, I finally wandered on and started up my own account after wanting to try and keep in touch with a couple select friends whom I had a keen interest in.  For quite a few months I still didn’t understand the point but after a little while longer, and a few family and friends more, I started to really appreciate the community that was taking place.  Certainly, it should not be a stand alone for community, friendship and family as we need to be sure and keep in contact with those we love on a more personal level, but Facebook does keep things all in one place which can be handy.  It is kind of a daily planner for your friends – to see what is happening from day to day in their lives.  Pretty soon I discovered pages and became a “Fan” to a few.  People were creating a fan page for their Etsy shops, for their photography businesses, and for family crisis’.  For example, my friend Annie’s family put together a page for her while she was battling cancer and gave updates on her health, prayer requests, and photos.  It was easy to log in and view what was happening in her world and to see what was needed should a need arise that people from outside could help out with.  It developed a place for all the people who loved or grew to love Annie to gather – and it remains.  We all got to watch her youngest son leave the hospital for his first trip home after a long stay until he grew big enough to leave.  I really enjoy keeping up on the family even though Annie is no longer with us here on this earth.  I still care very much for her family and want to know what is happening in their lives.  It keeps us in touch.

So, though I still may have not of convinced you to join and that’s okay by me, you may want to stop in and view the page I’ve set up for Mud Ranch.  I’ve got so many little spots out there on the WWW and am using Facebook as a tool to keep all those places tied together to one spot.  The nice thing is that even though you may not want to join the crowds there, you can still view my page and the pictures I’ve posted.  Please stop by at www.facebook.com/mudranch.  I’ve posted pictures of our lambs and am trying to put all of my ewes on there as well.  I’ll also post if I’ve taken a new photograph that I’m offering for sale in my Etsy Shop or just little updates on my sewing.  It has turned out to be a nice spot to compile everything I’m doing on a daily basis in one spot… So please stop by and enjoy.  Then maybe if you’re feeling comfortable, sign up and you’ll be amazed at all the people who’re on there… It may even be a bit scary.  😉


And just so you don’t miss out… Here’s the newest little face born here on Mud Ranch.  A little ewe lamb out of our ewe, Mud Ranch’s Champagne aka “Bubbles” and sired by Kenleigh’s Raider.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. I go in waves of being addicted to Facebook or not. I usually try to check it every night. It is weird that I am “friends” with people from high school I never actually see or talk to, LOL! It is fun to see everyone’s family pictures and what they are up to, it keeps us connected.
    I love that new baby ewe! Adorable!

  2. Love the new MudRanch facebook page, so great to be able to stay up to date with everyone. Was so happy to see the post on Colton, glad he is doing well and getting stronger each day. 🙂 Your new Etsy banner is beautiful! Love seeing all of the new pics and products, you are so creative! Keep up the great work!

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