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2010 Lambs – Ram Lambs in Order?

Seems as though there gets to be years that produce more ram lambs and then other years that produce more ewe lambs – so does this mean it’s a “Ram Year?”


Annie would like to show you one of twins that was born this morning to Castle Rock’s Sprinkles by our ram Kenleigh’s Raider.  Now that Annie is big enough to hold the lambs, she’s not wanting to let go.  The nice thing is that she has a pretty good grasp of what gentle is.


I would like to say that the feeling is mutual with the lamb, but I do know that as a new born he’s not looking for a kiss…  He’s wondering where mama is because he’s hungry!


Sprinkles delivered two ram lambs, both two horned.  One has a really nice nubby lamb fleece and the other has the more straight looking woolly coat.  Both seem to be pretty consistent though.  Last year Sprinkles gave me a gorgeous little ewe lamb, so I guess I can let her slide and give me a couple ram lambs this year.  I am definitely keeping her daughter though…


Isn’t she gorgeous?  I’m thinking she will be attending the Black Sheep Gathering in June.  This is Mud Ranch’s Stardust, one of the few animals that Hubby has been allowed to name.  She’s got such a colorful coat and her name flowed well with her mama’s – Sprinkles and Stardust.


The only unfortunate thing is that Stardust is just about as freaky as Sprinkles – one of our wild children.  That’s okay though, as long as they cooperate and come in to the barn at night. 


And of course, it helps to produce these cute little faces consistently.  Sprinkles did her job well. 

I hope all my other Jacob Sheep friends have a most blessed lambing season.  May it be totally uneventful… Next up, Sophia or Stephanie, Maud or Winifred, Lou Ellen or Violet… I’ve got quite a few that are bagging or already have big bags.


Sophia always looks a bit comical to me, especially when she stands up… She’s so short and her belly is always so big.  She can hardly walk too, ‘cause her bag is so full.  I’d expect she’s very very close. 

First Lambs of ’10 — Is Spring Here?

Just wanted to jump on really quick and say our first lambs have arrived out of Castle Rock’s Sprinkles sired by our ram, Kenleigh’s Raider. Twin ram lambs! Pictures to come…