I’ve been meaning to do a post on Abby’s Livestock Guard Dog status here at Mud Ranch.  My dear friend, Lana, has requested very nicely a few times to do a post on Abby.

I’m very happy to report, that she’s doing an even better job than I had imagined.  I actually was thinking I had messed up somewhere along the way while raising her and was concerned about her not being a ‘true’ LGD.  A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Goat Education Day at our community college with a friend of mine.  She was going for the goats (she has two home milkers) and I thought maybe I could apply some of the topics to my sheep.  One of the topics was LGD’s so I went to that specific class while my friend went to a nutrition class.

I was concerned about Abby not being a true LGD because, well, she’s friendly to most any person who comes over and she doesn’t live with the sheep 24/7.  She will nap in our front yard, splayed out in the sun without a care in the world during the middle of the day.  She also will nap on our door step during the evening.  I had thought that according the strict standards that you find so prevalent on the internet regarding LGD’s that Abby was not, afterall, a real one.  Granted, we hadn’t lost any sheep since she’s been here and does seem real vigilant… I was just second guessing myself and her.

I received a new education at the Goat Day… Abby is a Family Farm Dog.  And that also means she is an LGD, because she certainly does protect all who are in her flock: Sheep, Cats, Horses, Annie and Hubby and I.  We’re all in her family and she counts us all as important.  Abby, though sunning herself in the day time, is very vigilant at night and early morning — when the predators are out and roaming.  She will bark and chase all night long (thus the naps during the day.)  She’s doing such a fabulous job taking care of our 40 acre place that I’ve taken to keeping the sheep out at night.  I know they’re in good hands.  I’ll most likely put them back in the barn when lambing starts again in February but until then, they’re just fine.

And though she is friendly to family and friends, I have found many packages delivered by UPS and FedEx haphazardly tossed out on to anything near by that is off the ground i.e. our quad, a vehicle… so I’m thinking she doesn’t exactly let strangers out of their cars.

The only trouble with Abby is… She needs back-up.  And I’m thinking a male pup is in order.


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  1. Perfect timing for this post. I needed some pictures for my little project 🙂 She is such a pretty girl.

  2. Abby is so pretty! And what a hard worker. No wonder she needs those daytime naps.
    How exciting that another LGD may be joining her soon.

    You have much to be thankful for my friend.

    I hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, friends and four-legged loved ones, too.


  3. My Mom said she pulled up to your pasture the other day to admire the sheep and Abby politely came out and asked her to keep moving! Sounds like she is doing a great job all around! 🙂

  4. I’ve questioned my dogs guarding sometimes too–but it seems that when I am present, they defer to me to determine if someone is in fact on the guest list. When alone, no one is on the guest list. Same goes for barking–if I’m outside, there is much less barking to notify me of what I can plainly see, but if I’m inside there’s lots of notifying.

    Now if it isn’t a person–they seem to have full jurisdiction whether I’m present or not.

    Looking forward to see “backup”–those little aussie’s with the blue eyes sure are cute, and should be pretty good as LGD’s.

  5. Thanks so much, it is good to see such great pictures of such a sweet face..

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