Out Shooting…

… Pictures that is.  I’ve been busy this month, shooting pictures for my November Challenge a Day w/ EPNet.  But I wanted to share some neat ones I have been able to get because I’ve been out and about with my new Big Girl.  Thankfully this challenge has come a long right when I was able to get my Big Girl and it has forced us to get acquainted.  So far, our relationship is marvelous. 😉

My spotted flock grazing with my barn over looking.

An ’09 ewe lamb who has quickly become a favorite of mine, “Beltie.”  I like her stout build she inherited from her mama… her sis, Rose, is the same way.

Barn Cat meets House Cat — they come to an agreement.

The ever lovely, “Francine.”  I adore this ewe’s looks… looking forward to her first lambs this coming spring!

My mother-in-law’s totally weird gelding… he sticks his tongue out while drinking water then when he comes up for air, leaves it hanging out for minutes!  You can even flip it and he still leaves it hanging out.  What a nut.

A few favorites from my EPNet Challenge:

Word of the Day :: Human

Word of the Day :: Relationships (a self portrait — snuzzling Cali’s mane)

Word of the Day :: Wide

Word of the Day :: Light

To see the rest of my photos for each day, see my Flickr album to your right.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Really enjoyed LOL in re.to tongue,water and flip! Can just picture it!


    Blue Heron Stables

    Oregon City, Ore. 97045

  2. I am really enjoying your word of the day photos…does this go on “forever” or is there a time limit? I want you to keep going!

    • Kate – no it’s only for the month of November but there are a lot of us who say we’ll be going through withdrawls on December first. I would love to keep going… maybe I can do a thing on Facebook that would have my friends choose a word two days in advance to keep me going? That may be fun. 😉

  3. Very enjoyable 🙂 Beltie is a very pretty girl and I love Francine. I too have enjoyed your word of the day photos.

  4. These are beautiful! What a fun challenge. Glad you are liking your new camera :-).

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