EPNet – “Environment”

So far so good on my Equine Photographer’s Network challenge – a new photo each day of something horse related and has to do with the daily word. 


Today’s pick was the above – though I did get a few more that I liked just as well. 


These are all “Smoke’s Environment” in the pasture located directly across the street from ours.  We have been on a free lease on that particular property for a few years now and have dedicated the pasture to Smoke this summer and fall.  He lives there by himself, over looking town.  He has some neat trails up the mountain sides that are in his pasture, and it’s interesting to see where he goes and what his patterns are.  I do know that he likes the peacefulness, he always looks so content.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

Posted on November 2, 2009, in Horse Photography. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. What a lucky boy! I love how he is looking over his domain.

  2. Beautiful shot! I miss riding all of the lovely little trails up and down that mountain. That used to be one of my favorite spots to ride with Rocky! I am glad that Smoke gets to call that beautiful pasture home.

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