Equine Photographer’s Network – Renewed

I’ve recently renewed my membership with the Equine Photographer’s Network or “EPNet.”  I haven’t been a member since Annie was born because of foreseen time issues of raising an infant.  I was a member for a little while and that was back when I was totally confused about Photoshop and certainly wasn’t all that great in photography, not that I’ve really graduated to “greatness” or anything but still, I know I have learned a lot since then.  Anyway, it is great to be back on there learning from the Pros and being inspired daily by all the awesome talent that just oozes from the place.

They are constantly coming up with really fun challenges, and most of the time it is just for a pat on the back but this time the challenge is sticky and up for grabs is a 3 month subscription to the board if I follow through… Every day is a new word, you must shoot horses reflecting that word and post within 24 hours.  Sure, that may sound fairly easy but it is not… Just getting a picture every day, especially one worthy of posting, then getting it online will be quite tricky. 


Today’s challenge was “hair” and what better subject to shoot of my horses… They’re loaded with it!  I normally trim their bridle paths but that’s about it and they’re both hairy as all get out readying themselves for winter.  I got a few close-ups of Cali’s really neat streaks through her hair but for some reason none of them spoke to me like Sunnie’s baby face looking out from under his scraggly forelock.  What a teddy bear.

Tomorrow’s challenge is “environment” and of course, as luck would have it, I got the ideal picture today… I can’t use it because it would be against the rules.  I must shoot on the day of that challenge word but here’s my favorite anyway… How many other horses live with a flock of funny looking spotted sheep?


So, I’ll try again and maybe it won’t be this type of photo, but hopefully something comparable or at least something I’ll be satisfied with.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Oh, man….the daily photo! I’d forgotten all about it.

    And I LOVE the sheepies chasing the ponies.

  2. I know that look! Get to the hay before the sheep get there! Very nice, both pictures.

    • LOL… Yep, that’s the look. We weren’t feeding yet, too early, but we did the “feed whistle” to get them to run up through the pasture. I was hoping to get the manes flying but none of those turned out. So ended up using the one I did… he’s woolly anyway! 🙂

  3. hi Joan, just thought I would check out your mud ranch site. I love your hair photo, actually I love all your images for the challenge. You are so creative. It’s really cool to see the imagination everyone has for these photo a day challenges. I hope some of that creativity rubs off on me, Thanks for shairng your photos!

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