Do you feel lucky – punk?

Well, I guess you could consider us lucky the other night as we came home from selling my #3 horse, which was my #1 dream horse but alas — that’s a story that will come when I want to explain all the details and right now I’d rather discuss things that are soft and fluffy.

It was about 8:00 pm down in the Big City, we pulled in to a gas station downtown to top off the truck after a long (with beautiful scenery) and emotional day for me.  Hubby got out to begin the fueling process when he heard a little voice — meowing.  We had just finished eating some hamburgers from In-n-Out and actually hadn’t finished them all the way.  A young kitty walked up, purring and talking to Hubby — he was very friendly.


We both started lamenting on what should be done.  He was obviously pretty hungry and when we offered some hamburger, he gladly started tasting and eating.  He had obviously wrapped his little self around Hubby’s heart because he was seriously talking about bringing him home.  I told him, finally, to go in to the Mini Mart and ask if they’d seen him before.


Nope, this was the first day he’d been around.  The intersections near by were buzzing with traffic, lots of movement and vehicles — we couldn’t stand to leave him behind to be run over.  So, we brought him in the truck and made the 45 minute trek up the mountain.  And here he is, enjoying his time in an empty ice cream box.


Being the total entertainment for a two year old toddler, wearing her mom’s “boots.”


“T’mon, tiddy.  Det in!”


So, we thought about names — I thought “Valero” because that was the name of the station we found him at.  Hubby thought “Octane.”  But neither was fitting to us, we’d tried calling him both and they weren’t sticking.  So because he’s a long haired cat (our only long haired cat – out of 5), and because we think he’s feeling pretty lucky…


Meet Harry Callahan — or Dirty Harry.

About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Such a beautiful – and lucky – cat!

  2. beautiful blue eyes! Yep, we are related…animals seem to “stick” to us too.

  3. What a great name – it fits him! He is very handsome and looks to be fitting in just fine.

  4. He is beautiful and reminds me a of a white lepoard!! He is lucky to have found you and I am sure he will enjoy the rest of his days at Mud Ranch!!

  5. Oh what a gorgeous cat…those eyes are SO blue. I just posted on our pet harry too!!! except our harry’s full name is Harry Who. 🙂 i bet annie loves him.

  6. He is absolutely gorgeous and a very lucky puss indeed, bet he’s mighty glad you drove up that day..

    I’m a sucker for rescuing beasties too 🙂

  7. So gorgeous! Alcuky boy indeed!!

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