A New Riding Buddy


Thursday last week, we took our Mommy’s Day Ride again but this time we had another “man” along.  We always have Otter with us, and sometimes Sunnie, but this time Maleah brought along her grulla gelding, Smoke.  Smoke has “issues” or rather, Cushings Disease which is basicly a non-cancerous tumor in the petuitary gland which affects him in more ways than one.  So, to remain fit and healthy Maleah decided to drag Smoke along, and I think he thoroughly enjoyed it!  He kept up with the group very well and even trotted a bit to stay up with Maleah’s mare, Tiki. 


Maleah calls him her “new main squeeze.”  I’m pretty sure she’s awefully smitten with Smoke and intends to do everything in her power to keep him strong and healthy, as much as she can.  Both Maleah and I are more on the “natural healing” side of things so when Smoke came here from Washington with a package of herbs and supplements, we were more than pleased to see this route being taken in his health.  He receives big amounts of Chaste Berry and various other herbs for health, and nutritional goodies such as flax.  Smoke is in good hands here, and all of us are excited about him being in the neigh-borhood.  Okay, so Sunnie’s a bit jealous, but it’s a guy thing.


Fall is certainly closing in on us lately, with very cool nights and warm days.  The shadows are getting deeper and the days are shorter.  We Mommy’s decided we had to be in the saddle heading out at 5 pm otherwise our rides were only going to be about two hours instead of three like we were enjoying. 


Jenni and her boy Otter B Good – Extreme Mustang Makeover horse who attended the first ever in Fort Worth, TX.


Dixie and her Haflinger mare, Fancy.



Cali’s glamour shots – I could hardly get her to stand still, she kept wanting to stick her nose in the lens!

This coming Thursday we’ll be meeting at Dixie’s house and going down to the river to play in the water.  Most of our horses are fairly new and most don’t like water — mine normally don’t have that problem.  We’ll see this week though!

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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Looks like a blast! Remember our trip to “The Ponds” where the horses got stuck in the mud? That was so funny!!! One of my favorite riding memories. 🙂

    • Oh yeah, I remember. I think about those times all the time… Fond memories, except the time my cinch broke while we were racing, that wasn’t so “fond.” 🙂

  2. How fun! I sure Smoke enjoyed it greatly. Although he wasn’t the classic case of Cushings, in fact was a mystery horse for a couple of years while we tested for everything, he responded to Cushings medication. There is more information at http://www.equine-rescue.com/equine-cushings.html for anyone who wonders about their horse. Just two teaspoons of Chaste Tree Berry has been as great as the Rx stuff. I’m thrilled that he is happy and has such a great home with Maleah, she’s his new main squeeze as well. And with little girls to raise I know he’s in his glory.

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