Monthly Archives: September 2009

Harry’s New Life

Since we brought Harry home to live with us, he’s gone through quite a bit — getting used to dogs, having “brain surgery” at the vet’s office, becoming friends with our two very spoiled house cats, navigating the country outdoors, and becoming the new entertainer to a two year old.


Annie believes that he’s her kitty, and that’s fine with Hubby and I, I just don’t know that Harry is to keen on the idea.  Being a two year old’s kitty is a big responsibility and takes a lot of tolerance.


Annie thinks it’s about the greatest thing when Harry accompanies her during lunch — of course, she is eating cottage cheese, which seems to agree with Harry.


But Harry is a very snuggly cat.  He loves to be held, loves to be cuddled and coddled, and allows Annie to haul him around while wrapping her arms around his middle, (had to teach her not carry him with her arms under his neck!)


Annie is a pretty bossy little toddler though, and she has found (or forced) that Harry likes to sleep with her “friends.”  Harry was sleeping curled up on the floor next to the couch when Annie put her “Big Boo” on top of him.  I was busy, and went about doing my thing then as I walked by, I realized Harry was still under this large stuffed creature.


Harry certainly loves a snuggle while he’s sleeping — he’s the first of all my cats to become a lap cat (yay!).


But apparently, if there isn’t a lap available, he doesn’t mind settling for bodies not as warm, but just as soft.


Busy-ness… or Business

We’ve been pretty busy around her at Mud Ranch — Lots of things have happened, but at the same time, it’s the same ol’ same ol’.  The biggest thing to happen was the downsizing of my beautiful little Kiger herd, from 3 to 2.


My little grulla mare, MRK Annie Oakley, has left her birth home to live with a wonderful lady in Wisconsin.  This was definitely one of the hardest decisions to do — part with the first foal born on the property and essentially, my dream horse.  She had the look, the color, the height (short!), the spunk, the heart, the brains, the quickness, and the talent that I’d always wanted.  But as life changes, so does your heart and so you learn that just because something is exactly what you might have wanted, doesn’t mean it is right for your life.  Annie Oakley would not be a good horse for me to raise my daughter on or with, she’s got too much attitude.  Cali and Sunnie, however, get along great and are both fairly slow and calm to where I can pony one off the other.  Annie Oakley would never have any of that.  So, she has moved on to be an endurance horse for a very spunky and fun lady — I know they’ll get a long great and I have no saddness of where my baby has gone.  She is in the perfect spot, the spot I’ve been wanting for her — though I always envisioned it being part of my life.  Turns out, it’s not.


My daughter, Annie, is growing by leaps and bounds.  She is constantly putting me in stitches with her comments — the other day on the way to church, my father in law made a comment to Hubby’s Grandmother and called her “Grandma,” Annie corrected him and said, “No Papa.  It’s Date Mema!”  (Great Mema.)  She is certainly 2 going on 13 — hire a two year old while they know it all.


Meanwhile back at the ranch, Hubby aka “Daddy” is gone to Belgium for a trade show.  He has been there since last Saturday and after the show, will be moving on to Croatia to install the machine they’re showing into their first European customer’s factory!  Annie and I miss him and Annie keeps telling me that he and Curtis are in a plane (whew, I’d hate to be in a plane this long!)  But they’re doing well, figured out transportation in Belgium and working it out with most the French speaking locals… I don’t know how well they’re working that out, but they must be doing okay.  If they spoke Spanish, Hubby would be in like flin… French is a different subject.


While he is gone, though, I am able to leave my sewing machine out on the counter and do some crafting.  This little “Baa” is my first… and though he does have issues, we’ll work them out.  He has now joined Annie in her vast array of buddies that join her about every where we go.  Seems that he and her new Bubby (of which I will be posting pictures soon) are a smash hit.  Oh, and this is the first time I’ve embroidered anything… that’s why it ain’t to great.

So, we’re keeping busy here — the rams have been out breeding their groups and are about to be brought back in.  I need to make appointments for two yearlings, a heifer and a steer for their visit at the butcher as well as a handful of 8 month old rams.  Looking forward to salting the pelts and getting some meat in the freezers!