Totally Spoiled

My birthday was last Saturday the 15th of August — I was feeling bashful so didn’t make a post about it… maybe for next year’s as it’s the big 3-0.  But I did want to brag on some of the gifts I received this year.


Thank you Maleah & Family!

This beautiful tea cup and saucer was given to me by my friend Maleah.  She has a collection of Fire King Jadite she inherited from her Grandmother and I’m always drooling over it.  When we go to antique stores together, I’m always ogling over it and so she gave me this set to start my collection!  Now, I am definitely a girl who shouldn’t be starting any more collections!


Thank you PIL’s!

Next is a nice deep lasagna dish from my in-laws (pardon the sauce stuck to the side of my stove.)  I also received from them a metal spatula for my cast iron skillet.  Back when I got married, I received all non-stick stuff and nowadays I almost never cook in anything except my cast iron so the two (cast iron and non-stick) have not been getting along.  I sure appreciate both as I’ve really needed/wanted these two items for quite a while.  Another thing that is less annoying in the kitchen!


Thank you Thomas!

I received a couple of items from my brother out in Colorado.  I had sent him an e-mail a couple weeks back asking him to stop by Gypsy Wools there in his town, Boulder, to get me a book by Amelia Garripoli (I follow her blog) entitled “Productive Spindling.”  She was scheduled to be at that store signing her books — lo and behold my sainted brother went down there and got me one then gave it to me as a birthday present!  Now maybe I’ll figure out my drop spindle (sure beats using a wheel right now — we don’t make a very pretty picture yet.) 


The next thing is this leather journal made in Italy.  He picked it up for me there on one of his numerous trips.  He said he bought it as a birthday present one or two years ago but never sent it — we both have that problem, and I think it’s genetic.  We have excellent intentions but have a hard time acting on them.  You wouldn’t believe how many cards I’ve filled out, put in an envelope and even addressed but never sent out.  It’s insanity.  But isn’t this journal beautiful?  It reminds me of my family crest, which is of Irish descent.


Thank you family!

Last, but certainly not least, is this monstrous sewing machine!  I was given this by my parents, my parents in law, Hubby and his grandmother.  I had wanted a machine and sent my dad a link stating something to the point of, I know you’re going to ask anyway so here’s what I’d like.  I had picked out a cheaper machine, but something that would do the basics and had something like 50 built in stitches.  Of course, my dad was skeptical on the machine I wanted being sturdy enough for what I wanted to do (Jacob sheep pelt vests!)  So he ended up talking with my sewing mentor, Jeana and she sent him on e-bay looking for this model.   I have been learning how to sew on Jeana’s Janome (hey, that sounds good together — Jeana’s Janome!) so the manufacturer is familiar to me, just like if you’re a Nikon user, it’d be harder on the brain to switch to Canon.  So this machine was made by Janome for Sears and thus had the Kenmore sticker put on it.  Sears was retailing it for around $700.00 but weren’t selling the machines (price was a bit high eh?)  So they sent them back to the Janome factory, Janome removed the Kenmore sticker and put it back on the market at a discounted price.  This machine is super heavy duty, will do the heavy materials I’d like to play with, has 501 (I think) built in stitches, comes with lots of extra feet, and has a very large platform for working on.  I doubt I will ever grow out of this thing and am more than pleased with receiving this over the machine I had wanted.  So thank you to all my family and to Jeana for pointing them in this direction — I am very excited to start my creations.  My imagination is just swimming in the possibilities….

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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. A big HAPPY Birthday to you! Can’t wait to see what you create with your new machine. 🙂

  2. Yea, another iron skillet girl. I always cook in mine. I keep one on top of the stove and when I’m done using a hot burner I put the skillet on it to absorb the heat so kids don’t get burned. That Fire King cup and saucer is pretty. I have collected vaseline glass, opalescent glass and carnival glass among others for many years and just love every piece.
    You sure made out on your Birthday. I doubt you are totaly spoiled just that your family and friends sure love you.

  3. Belated happy birthday Joan.. looks like you had a great birthday with all those fab birthday presents 🙂

    I could do with a sewing tutor, I’d love to make some new roman blinds for my workshop.

    The Fire King cup and saucer look absolutely beautiful, I just love greens!

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