Cali’s Turn

It was Cali’s turn to go riding this past Thursday and I believe she was actually happy to be picked this time around.  Just like last time with Sunnie, I brought her out early to groom her up and braid her mane to keep her neck a bit cooler.


Aren’t her braids quite striking?  You can see where her bi-coloring weaves down through the hair — and it doesn’t cost her $50.00 + each month to get those highlights either!  There in the middle to lower part of her mane you can see that she has rubbed out the bi-coloring and it is standing on end in the photo… too short to lay down yet.  But I do love Cali’s coloring, she’s a very handsome gal.


Cali is normally a very calm mare, almost too calm if you can believe that one.  She tends to saunter down the road, rather than go somewhere with purpose but that could be because of her rather “fluffy” frame she’s carrying right now.  We’ll just blame it on her baby weight she never lost — though her colt is 3 now.  Hey, some just lose it quicker than others right?  Anyway, this trip out she spooked at a few more things and walked out a bit quicker.


I was pleased that she had a bit more energy this time and wasn’t sweating near the amount that she did on our first real outing up in the mountains.  We did go to the same place, up in an old burn from back in ’93 or there abouts.  The roads are wonderful for riding on, and have turned in to trails.  The trees planted by Sierra Pacific logging company have grown in beautifully and are about 10′ tall now.


We did find a way behind a gate that significantly cut down our riding time up the dirt road through a small mountain neighborhood.  We had permission from someone who had enough authority to say we could cut through if we so chose.  Maleah is there in the background, with Cali wondering what on earth she is doing with a large stick in one hand and a pocket knife in the other — she soon learned that those are essential trail riding tools to cut back the blackberry bushes from our very narrow path.


We rose higher and higher and higher, all three of the horses did very well though Jenni’s gelding Otter threw a few mini-fits and so did Cali, but it was nice to see them gaining a bit more energy.  All this working out is working out well for all of us.


We stopped a couple times and took in the scenery — here’s a local layout if you care to know.


I think Cali even liked stopping to take in the view… or maybe to take a breather.


And then she was ready to go again, back down the mountain before the sun left us.


It was another lovely ride, and I am so thankful to have friends to do it with again.  It feels wonderful to be back in the saddle again, climbing mountains to look at the view.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. The bi-colored braids are to die for! Love it.

    I feel your pain on the rubbing out of the bi-coloring, Lazzy has done that as well. She’s my under/through the fence grazer–nice for getting a good trim around the fenceline, but not so nice on her mane.

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