Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures


Just wondering if you notice anything a bit odd about this picture — and no, it doesn’t involve the sheep in the background but rather, the foreground.

You may remember back in my post about feeding in the morning, the hoodlums there at the end that escaped through my double gate and meander down to the hay stack where they happily munch hay to their contentment and then lounge on the lawn as they please (this is a daily occurrence mind you, and is something I have “ignored” until I can get a new gate.)  So, this morning as I was headed back from the barn I saw the hoodlums gathering around the gate ready to make their break.  I quickly sped up the quad and skidded to a stop right in front of it, just so they couldn’t get through.  I went and moved my sprinklers and as I walked around the back side of the house, I glanced up at the gate ready to snicker at my defeating the hoodlums — my plan was, at that very moment,  being spoiled!


Hazel had called for desperate measures during this “crisis” of not being able to get at her morning feed (granted, all the other sheep — except the hoodlums — were eating with the cows and horses.)  She had crawled under the gate, then under my quad and was working her way out the front.  Oh, she must have worked up a good appetite because she stopped on her way passing the tires to nibble at some dried grass.  I walked up to her, wondering if she required any assistance and she popped out on her own.  I had to laugh… what else do you do?  So, I noticed that poor little Edna was without her sister and was bawling out in the pasture, wringing her hands… err… hooves and calling to Hazel.   I had pity on her, after-all she isn’t really a “sheep,” so let her in to the yard.  Oh, two sheep are okay I just don’t want all the hoodlums in there anymore.  I drive away, content that my two bottle babies are grazing on their turf and then drive back… the hoodlums are in the yard!  I can’t be sure if they took Hazel’s famous escape or if I have another problem spot… the joys of sheep owning (though they really do act a lot like goats!)


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. That is hillarious! You have some very determined escape artists on your hands!

  2. Monkey see, Monkey do 🙂 Those are some naughty sheep you have, but very funny!

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