Today’s Air Show – Firefighting at its best

My update right now is that you should never leave a short blond girl by herself… Hubby went to the Big City today to continue what we went down for yesterday but got turned around.  Annie and I had just finished getting ready for the day when a Sheriff pulls up and over his PA he announces that there will be a lot of air traffic today and to shut up all my windows plus cover anything I don’t want covered in fire retardant – because the planes are coming!  I called my parent’s who were scheduled to take care of Annie today anyway (I was going to go on a trail ride…) and took her and my two house dogs there.

I was now free to go take pictures.  I started out in my yard and watched the “bombers” dive over the mountain but a ridge was in my way.  I tried climbing up on a post in the ram pasture which is a telephone pole for some height which did help but still wasn’t the look I was after. 


While sitting on the post I did happen to notice this mountain lion stalking me.


Okay bad joke… But I did decide to hop on the quad and take a little drive up to our neighbor’s (bare land) and then hike to the top of his ridge.  I did, and got some great photos.


I decided to tag my photos in case anyone got greedy… so please remember while viewing them that all rights are reserved (as always with all my pictures) and they are copyrighted to me.


I climbed higher and higher to watch these guys dump their loads.  It was nothing short of awesome and was a highlight for me.  I have always admired the pilots of the bombers and what they can do.  I think if I was a lot braver than I am, I would have loved to learn how to fly these things.


This ridge was bombed with the fire retardant after several practice runs.  It was previously (not all that long before) being worked on by the con crews and I noticed them leaving pretty quickly… then it got dropped.


I was close but not close enough for the red stuff to end up on my head.  If it did though, I have heard it’s not terrible, just stains.  I believe my blond head would have been a vibrant orange where my pony tail stuck out of my ball cap.


Amazing isn’t it?!


This is what it looks like as it blankets the ground beneath.  There is a distinct stain to the earth once it settles and you can see it creates it’s own chemical fire break.


There’s my alps, a view from up on the ridge.  See that speck?  That’s the plane.


And there’s my little house, my pastures to the right and left, and my little pond down in the corner.  See, we have a good amount of open space around us.  I love that view.

I’ll be back up there this afternoon to see, once the smoke settles.  The wind kicked up a bit and created quite a yucky breathing environment and the sites weren’t as easy to see.  I do have to take Hubby up, it’s quite spectacular.



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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Incredible! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Impressive for sure!! Glad to see your place is safe and sound. Thanks for the updates! Hope things will be under control soon. Be safe! 🙂

  3. Awesome shots– hard to believe you aren’t up in a plane right alongside of the bombers. And thank God that Mountian Lion spared ya!

  4. Happy Borthday a day early! I hope it is a great one! 🙂

  5. Holy cow! I am just getting caught up on some of my favorite blogs and was horrified to read (but enjoyed the pictures) of your fire trouble. Stay safe!

  6. Really spectacular photos – and great news that the fire was contained.

  7. Chris, my son whom you met, was somewhere up there above your property. He said he could see your barn and hear your sheep. He was there for about 30 hours W/Th and then was going back Friday a.m. Some of the guys on his crew saw one of your mountain lions. Chris said that seeing the lights from houses down below and the fire up above, he felt like he was in a war scene from a movie.

    • I thought he was up there, I just had a feeling. Interesting that they saw one of the mountain lions too… beautiful cats, I just don’t like them hanging out too long.

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