Pray for us here in Lewiston

We’ve had a wildland fire that has started this afternoon and this is the view of the mountain that burnt in ’99 looking toward the fire.  It seems like we’re okay for right now but we and everyone else here, could use your prayers.


Thank God for obedient animals, the sheep and cows and horses have followed the quad up to our yard which is an acre of irrigated lawn.  They’re camped out right now wrecking havoc on our yard, but that’s okay with me… it’s a ranch after-all.  Simon and I have a very defensible space, the fire is headed away from my parents and though it started at his parent’s neighborhood, it is headed away from them.  We are gathering everything can for an easy escape but we aren’t leaving.  We’ve got things very well protected.  I’ll update more as soon as I can.



Update: It is skunking down the back side and is at the top of our neighbor’s ridge.  Thankfully, as you can see it is staying low though we don’t have trees for it to get into.  I probably have an hour left of internet and then will most likely lose it.  We’ve got a sprinkler on the lean-to nearest the trees at our barn and a big trough filling with water and buckets, generator, etc. near by.  We’re going to hold it at the barn and our house is still pretty safe.  We’re confident.






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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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    • Thank you Linda — We have flames up at the top of our back ridge and thankfully we’ve got the already burnt area that is just scrub brush and no more trees (thankfully but sadly.) Up at the top of our mountain behind our house the fire has crested and it has to come down this side through a few canyons and through the scrub brush. We’re very safe here but our neighbors aren’t as green and as open as we are. We’re one of the very few flat areas around… I’ll be back for more updates as long as the power is on.

  1. We’re praying over here too. Hang in there – but don’t stay too long!

    • Thank you for your prayers! They are much needed for the folks around us. We have friends whose house is much more in danger than us. The wind is running fairly paralell to us but straight toward them. I guess they have an engine parked in their yard protecting their house and our friends showed them the fridge and the BBQ in case they want to make themselves comfortable. 😉 Good way to make fire fighters hang out a little longer!

  2. Oh dear, that looks AWFULLY close; I hope that’s just your zoom lens talking! God be with you, and LISTEN if He says “leave”!

    • Thank you Michelle — we’re pretty safe here still. We would definitely not be staying if we knew it was too dangerous to. We had the fire in ’99 that burnt through town and took 23 homes so we’ve lived through it before… And Hubby and I were on the fire dept. at that time so we certainly have experience. Anyway, we’re safe and we’ll be setting the alarm to wake us up every couple hours to check on the status. I’ll do an update in the morning!

  3. Wow – how scary!!! We will keep you and your neighbors in our thoughts and prayers. Take care!

  4. Those are some scary pictures– stay safe–I’ll be checking back in, hoping for good reports! Until then–lots of praryers coming your way!

  5. FYI- “praryers” are the extra special good one, LOL

  6. Don’t make me come get you. . . . leave the guys to protect the place and you and Annie come visit us flatlanders. Josh is back in Iraq and Meagan is up in Montana right now. . . house is pretty empty.

  7. Holy crap Joan! wow. that is just plain scary. Incredible pictures though. sending you many good thoughts and prayers!

  8. WOW! I hate to say this but great pictures Joan! I am happy to hear that things are getting under control. Be safe, we are thinking about you all!

    All our love,
    Wen and the rest 😉

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