A Visitor and a Couple Keepers

We have a visitor for a few days until she continues her journey up to Washington state from central California.  She is the raffle lamb for this year’s Jacob Sheep Breeder’s Association AGM (annual general meeting) — which is actually quite a shin-dig put on by the JSBA including seminars and shows.  We attended last year when it was held in Dixon, CA.


This is the raffle ewe lamb donated by Robin at Meridian Jacobs down in Vacaville, CA.  She was won by Cathie up in Washington state at Swallow Lane Jacobs


 I know that on Robin’s end, this little girl doesn’t have a name yet.


She was looking for a friend, anyone to talk to this afternoon.  She felt pretty alone in this great big pasture with a bunch of strange sheep.  She did follow the girls around alright but was baa’ing all the time. 

It was funny — Robin has a beautiful little farm down there in central California but it is smaller acreage (I really don’t know how many exactly.)  We have opened up all our pastures because they’re so dry to let all the cattle, horses and sheep roam where ever they’d like and as Robin turned this little girl out she said, “I feel like I’m releasing her into the wild!”  I had to laugh because I can see why she feels that way.  Our sheep are safe though, with Abby on guard (speaking of which, she never got up from her mid-afternoon slumber while Robin was here… apparently it was too hot for the effort) and being that we lock the sheep up at night.  The little gal came in just fine though and is safe and sound in the barn til tomorrow morning.


I also wanted to show off two new “keepers” that I got from Shannon at Kenleigh Acres.  This is Demure whom is a beautiful two horned lilac totally unrelated to all my lilacs which is a huge plus!  She is simply gorgeous, has marbled blue eyes and is so feminine.


And this is Serenity — too bad she’s being shadowed by Tiffany because you can’t get a really clear view of her body style.  She’s what is known as “primitive” type as she is more upright or deer-like in body build.  Her twin brother just left in Robin’s truck going down to Meridian Jacobs for a big job this fall of breeding some ewes.  I hope he serves Robin’s flock well, I have no doubt though as both he and his sister and his dam are beautiful!


Demure and Serenity have proved to be a bit hard to photograph though.  They’re usually in the middle of a bunch of sheep or conveniently walking out of the picture.  Today I got Demure drinking — taken through the glass of my french doors and through our fence.


And Serenity, this is the only view she ever wants me to take.  I’ll win them over… it’s just a matter of time.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Wow, it IS dry. I guess I won’t be complaining about mowing grass around here. The wildflowers are beautiful though and make such as nice background for Jacob pictures.

    • Yes, I was jealous when I read your blog the other night when you were out watching Hank interact with the sheep — your pasture is so lucious! We’re in the third year of a drought here and we’re really starting to feel it now. Normally we have lucious pasture even with out irrigation because we’re sub-irrigated with a lot of springs. Thankfully our BIG spring hasn’t slowed down yet, but it feeds our lower pastures and pond.

  2. The girls look good! The purple flowers in your pasture are pretty. That is a big water trough 🙂

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