Calm before the Chaos

“A state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order.”

That can be a good thing right?  Because that’s what I hope I mean, good chaos.  We’re having quite a few people over tomorrow afternoon for an Independence Day Celebration here at Mud Ranch.  There’s four families with 4 kids, us with Annie, Hubby’s middle sis with her daughter and son, Hubby’s parents with his grandma, my parents and 1000 water balloons, plenty of food, and fun old time games.  We’ll be hosting a bunch of games such as the three legged race, the gunny sack race, the water balloon toss, the egg race (Never heard of it?  Do a relay race with a fresh egg carried in a spoon and see how far you get,) and guess how many red, white and blue m&m’s are in a jar. 


So this morning, before the chaos ensues I went for a walk to check on the horses and cows in the lower pasture.  The calves were laying down in the early sun until the horses started for the gate where I stood then they decided to get out of Dodge.  I should have named Pigpen “Snort” because he sure gets offended at small things… any time you approach, he sticks his tail up and heads off.


Cali showed me her gorgeous fly mask which has a hole in one eye.  It is pretty new too, so lovely when they ruin a 18.00 mask and have only worn it for a month or two (at the most.)  So yesterday I picked her up a new one but just had to show you how humorous her one eye is, peaking out from behind the netting.


I let the girls up to the upper pasture which surrounds the house, mainly because I don’t want them in the lower pasture (they snuck through while Hubby was working on loading some logs with the excavator.)  I also think the grass is a bit rich for them down there — the little pork chops.  And, knowing horses, they can get in to trouble if not looked upon regularly and it’s much easier for me to keep tabs on them up here.


How many sheep can you find in this picture?  Lost?… They look like stumps.

The sheep were let out of the barn at around 6:00 and were already up on their favorite hill trimming the brush.  They talk back and forth to eachother constantly while up there, busying themselves with finding the best treats.  Nope, we don’t raise sissy sheep around here, they’re mountain climbers.


So as I type this post, my cake is baking  in the oven, my strawberries sprinkled with suger are sitting in a bowl on the counter soaking.  I’m putting together a cake that is taken from the Pioneer Woman’s site.  It’s her recipe for Strawberry Shortcake only I have revised it.  I’ve put it in a rectangluar pan and am putting the juicy strawberries on it under the frosting with a flag decoration made from halved strawberries and blueberries on the top.  I’ll be sure and get a picture and let you know how it tasted.  I’d imagine it’ll be fabulous.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s celebration.  Though I don’t have much confidence in our nation as of right now, I sure do love our history and admire how wise our Founding Fathers were.  I’m sorry, but I sure don’t see us getting any smarter…  I will celebrate tomorrow and on the 4th remembering those who fought for our country, who are fighting for our country, and those who respect and hold true to the values we started with.


What are you doing for your Independence Day celebrations?


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Wishing I was at “home” for the 4th! Hope you have a great 4th!

  2. Poor Serenity and Demure aren’t going to get their weekly pedicures? ha ha ha ha ha

    We are headed to the lake to go camping. Have a wonderful 4th of July and enjoy each other’s company!

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