Monthly Archives: July 2009

My New Banners

So now that I’ve found my cute little sheepy design, I’ve gone ahead and made some for each season. 




As my daughter would say *clapping hands*, “Yay Mama!”  You can click each to biggify and I also mad some that are similar for my Etsy Shop.  I like my new job as a graphic designer (no offense to professional graphic designers — a girl can dream!)

What do you think?


I have been wanting a “cute” logo — something to go on my Etsy site (atleast the tree and sheep part) and something to go on my website.  It seems that I am never satisfied but I’m wondering if I’ve finally settled on it.  What do you think?  Could I add or take away anything?  Perhaps a different shape to the box, maybe more square or… ?

Edited To Add: I have changed my Etsy Shop appearance with this logo in mind — please go check it out!  I’m pretty excited about what I’ve done to spruce things up.