Fun with Kigers

On Saturday my friend and I took out our Kigers to the arena.  My excuse was just to see how well Cali would do after not being ridden for a while — Meleah’s excuse was to see how her new gelding we brought home from Washington would do.


Smoke did very well.  In the trailer he was pretty nervous but we let him ride loose and opened the back section of windows so he could look out.  Every now and then I’d see his gray muzzle sniff the wind and then poke back inside.  I do know that he was very glad to have landed at our house.  He went right to grazing the grass and taking a long drink.


Maleah offered to take Annie for a ride, and notice no saddle?  Yep, he’s that calm.  This is exactly what Maleah wanted for her girls — she’s got 4 from 8 down to a year and a half.  Annie actually cried when I took her off his back and put “Toots” up there.  She didn’t want to share Smoke — and he isn’t even hers.


I took Cali out and Cali comes from DianneC up in Washington, same place we picked up Smoke, a mare that now lives in Nevada named Belle, and my new saddle!   Looks like we’re attracted to all that Dianne has for sale!


I rode Cali around the arena first for a while in my saddle — which fit her perfectly!  She did really well, was a bit stiff at first but then settled in pretty good.  I had untacked her in the shade trees when Hubby showed up and I offered for him to take a spin.  Bareback, halter and lead and they look like professionals.  Cali is about 15 hands, Hubby is 6′.


They all cruised around the ring at a nice little pace — well, Cali lapped Smoke I think.  Maleah said she’s going to rename him “Mo,” as in “Mo-lasses.”  But that’s perfect for a kid’s horse!


He took Meleah’s two oldest girls ages 8 and 5 around the ring by themselves (pictured above is her 3 year old.)  They were able to control him very well, stop, turn and he didn’t pick up an ounce of speed.  He knew he was supposed to be careful.


I think I could talk Maleah in to joining us for our Play Days once a month and yes, Cali, I’ll take you too (why does Sunnie get to have all the fun?)


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. If I had seen Smoke before you left here I think I would have sneeked him out of the trailer 😉 He is so handsome and what a good boy! Cali is a classy lady and looks much taller than 15 hands. Looks like you had fun.

    • Cali does look big doesn’t she? I’ll have to measure her again… I’ve not done that in a while. 😉 Simon’s feet don’t even pass her barrel but then, I didn’t ever show a picture of her “width.” 😉

      Yes, Smoke is very handsome and so fun to watch move. He’s gorgeous! I’ll have to get some pictures of him at liberty in the pasture.

  2. Look at Cali lift her back! Beautiful!

  3. Smoke was probably worried in the trailer that he was going to go somewhere else to live…he hasn’t had “just for fun” trailer rides.
    He’s very proud of his new job taking care of the girls, I can see it – especially in the last shot. That last picture of him is the best I’ve ever seen.
    Cali looks very professional in that shot with Simon. Funny how they never forget a thing they’ve been taught.

    • Dianne– Smoke definitely loves his new girls. It is so neat to see him with them, he’s so careful! Smoke has since been trailered a very short distance from our house to the arena and he loaded very well — really wasn’t any hesitation to get in! So, he has already improved greatly. He also has drop-down windows in there and just like my horses (especially Cali) he loves to surf the wind.

  4. Hi, I am a Kiger Fan from Germany… I bought an offspring Mustang gelding here in Germany. He was born in Germany, imported from the US in his mums belly. The mother only has a ranch brand, and because I was very curious I started reserching the internet for mustangs and soon became aware that he verry much looks like a Kiger Mustang (as well as his mum)… I would be glad to find out more about the breed and would like to share pictures and experiance with you or any Kiger owner/lover.

    • Kirsten– Thank you for visiting! The best place I can tell you how to interact with other Kiger owners/lovers is to visit and join the message board there. You will learn a lot and everyone is so friendly! We’d also love to see photos of your horses! 😀

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