BSG — New Acquisitions

I wanted to continue on in showing you my acquisitions from my attendance at the Black Sheep Gathering this past weekend.  First, we’ll start with a favorite (okay, they’re all favorites.)


Could she get any more beautiful?  She is my ultimate, the one I’ve been wanting to breed for and now I have my start — a feminine lilac with blue eyes.  I have had some blue eyed lilacs but this one just takes the cake.  I couldn’t be more pleased and am so glad I’ve talked long and hard enough to Shannon and she’s letting me bring her home (I’m going to Shannon’s again here in a couple weeks for a mini felting vacation!)


And this gal, yep, she’s mine too.  I had been shopping for a daughter of Wrangler, one of Shannon’s rams, and now Kenleigh’s Serenity will become a new resident of Mud Ranch.


And this one… oh, wait a minute… I believe I have just been caught coveting.  Shame on me… No, I won’t be bringing this gal home.  But she did catch my eye and my Jacob loving heart.  This is bid a wee’s Winsome the Champion yearling ewe.  Winsome is a chocolate lilac and I tell you I have not seen such a dark chocolate as she is!  She’s just gorgeous!


Of course, a souvenir to remember this trip by.  A moss colored sweatshirt (I’m wearing it now,) sure to be a new favorite!


Something I cannot wait to get my hands dirty with — well, I’ll wear gloves.  But this is some dye for my fleeces and I plan on getting down and dirty with it here quickly.  I cannot wait to see how it dyes and to see how well I like the dying as well as I like the thought of dying — I’ll let you know.


And this beautiful boy walked in to my trailer…


And wound up right there…


…On my bed!  Ack!  Thankfully he’s in the non-pooing form.  Okay, not really but I did receive this beautiful pillow from my friend Shannon as a gift (and that horse did get in to my trailer!)  I want to thank Shannon so much for the hand felted pillow.  It is just gorgeous!  It also looks great in my room, it reminds me of my mare Annie Oakley, and really looks like a Mustang to me! 


I was hanging around Shannon’s vendor booth from time to time and kept telling her she needed to stuff him in a corner some where so he wasn’t readily seen by shoppers.  There was a similar pillow with a chestnut on it that I kept telling her to put out front — I think she got tired of hearing me say where she should stash him and that night, presented me with him.  Thank you Shannon!  I love him!

And the gelding?  The one getting in to my trailer — he came home with us but he doesn’t belong to me!  His name is Smoke, a 12 year old Kiger gelding who now belongs to my friend Maleah and her four daughters.  He is the kindest, sweetest boy, and I’m so glad to have him as part of the family (and glad to see I’m brainwashing most of my hometown with the Kiger-itis bug.)


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. I wish I could have seen Smoke in person – he is gorgeous!!! I can’t believe how similar in color he is to the horse on the pillow 🙂 I’m glad you like it, it definitely belonged on your bed.

    You’ll have to fight me for Winsome 😉 She is a pretty girl.

    I’m off to try some dying today! Have fun with yours. I can’t wait for the felting vacation.

    • I’ll get pics of Smoke and his new girls probably tomorrow. I’m looking forward to playing with him.

      Yes, now you know why I liked that pillow so much! 🙂 Plus it’s my favorite colors.

      I am SO looking forward to the felting/Photoshop vacation. We can stay up late and do nothing but play… Okay, I’ll help you do your chores too. 😉

  2. Pretty, pretty Smoke! Of course, with YOU leading him he looks tall. I have yet to meet a Kiger that is tall enough for my tastes — but it sure would be fun to find one and show him off in a dressage arena!

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