Scenes of our Fishing Trip

We took a trip to our local lake last night with some friends of ours and though if the lake was full we’d be under water, we had fun anyway. 


The tree line to the right and left is where the water is supposed to be at.  This cute little stream is supposed to be quite a ways behind me dumping in to what would be our lake/reservoir.


I bought burritos (because I didn’t feel like making anything) from a local Pizza/Sandwich/Burrito shop.  They were pretty good!


“Toots” — number 3 out of 4 of our friend’s girls, and the most complicated in personality.  She likes pink too.


I believe you know this little girl.


Apparently she likes fishing.


Just like her ol’ Dad. 

By the way, that nice little rocky stream would normally not exist when the lake is full.  But it sure was fun for the girls to play in!  Hubby’s line is in the “lake” just down and to the right.


We saw a bald eagle, and I didn’t have my telephoto lens on.


Curtis the stream jumper.  Contrary to popular belief, he actually made it… barely.


How many blonds does it take to operate a pink Barbie fishing pole?



“Fish fear me.”


No Suburbans got dusty in the making of this… well, never mind.


I think we’re in for a treat with the sky — thunderheads moving in.



By the look of the clothes and the hair, obviously there was an “oops.”


“Boo boo baby.”


She’s not too keen on cold water.


“Zoozer” — she wanted me to take her picture.


How come this little face keeps finding her way into my lens?


“Toots” –She wants to be a super model when she grows up.  Yikes… Not really.  She probably would like to be a bar tender or a gladiator — oh and a princess too.


Some of our loot.  I found the cool “necklace rock.”


The sun setting leaving it’s last rays on the opposite mountain.  Oh look!  The lake is over yonder… What a nice lush meadow this is… or at least the bottom of the lake makes for good grass habitat.


Time for a nice sleep curled up in a cozy little bed.


Nice big rocks are good for the biceps and good for a splash in the water.  And after it gets too cold to play in the water — the silty sand is good for playing in.


“Mommy, I got sand in my eye.”


It’s getting dark.  Where did Daddy and Curtis go?


A couple of toots on the horn calls the boys in from their bass “honey hole.”  We had a good time — more to come.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Wrensong Farm

    What a great trip! lots of wonderful pics. Where did ALL those cute children come from???!! (‘course you and I both know who is the cutest) 😉

    • Aren’t they beautiful? Our friends have 4 of them that all are gorgeous… All blue eyes except the thrid born. She has green, and they are lovely too. 🙂

  2. Great pictures! I love the one of your daughter eating the burrito 🙂

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