Photo Cards are Here — And a Gift

Okay, I ordered my photo cards through Snapfish a couple days ago and I seriously cannot believe they’ve already arrived.


There is a pretty heavy little box here on my counter that is full of 16 different photo cards, 7 of each.  Over all quality is pretty good!  I think that if I were to order them through MOO, they would be higher quality but these are not bad at all.  Really, they are of the quality that some are in stores with a high gloss finish and a nice weight.  Some of the fancy borders I put on a few didn’t come out as I had hoped as they got cut off a bit but they were so subtle on some that it doesn’t seem to really matter and I doubt anyone except the “creator” (me) would notice.


Overall, I am pretty well pleased — even more so since I won a little gift certificate over at the Pioneer Woman (shocking, I know — you now know someone who has won over there) just by signing up with Snapfish through her site I was put into a drawing for a gift certificate (this was unknown by me) and I won… get this… $150.00!!  How cool was that!?  So, I ordered these up and only had to pay a hefty FedEx charge but it sure beat buying all of these!  And yes, I used up my whole certificate.  I really couldn’t believe the timing on that win though, it sure brightened my day!

So now my gift to those who want to try out my other favorite spot, MOO, where I bought my business cards.  You can type in my special code and receive 20% off if you are a first time customer.  So those who were interested in getting your own business cards, now is the time.  You can also now order from their USA plant based out of Rhode Island and get faster, cheaper shipping because they’re now not coming from the UK like I’ve done before.  So here’s the code: 77WPXH.  Remember this is a one time, one product, first time customer deal… Enjoy!


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Congrats on the gift cert. That is awesome! I love the cards and appreciate the discount to Moo. Good luck at the Peddlers Faire, hope you post all about it! 🙂

    • Thanks Rachelle — I am looking forward to the Peddler’s Faire. Tell your parents that I’ll be in a booth shared by a couple other ladies so I’ll be in a cluster. I hope to have a sign made that says something like “Mud Ranch” or some such thing. Anyway, I hope you’re able to use the discount to Moo and I’ll definitely be posting about my experience.

  2. Wow, they turned out really nice! Congrats on winning the g.c., at least that gave you a chance to try out Snapfish’s quality without a major financial commitment. What size were the photos you submitted for the cards?

    • Thanks PG — The photos/cards are 5×7. I was really happy about the certificate too because of the reasoning you stated, exactly! 🙂

  3. Wrensong Farm

    WOW! Congrats on winning! Are you going to be selling your photo cards where I could buy some? Thanks for the discount, I plan on ordering up some cards! Tammy

    • Hi Tammy — Thank you! I plan on setting up an Etsy store after the Peddler’s Faire (June 6) BUT if you want to order some sooner I’ll be more than happy to oblige. 😉

  4. I just tried to order some BCs from Moo for Black Sheep Gathering and I’m getting the message that the promo you offered is not currently available. Is there a new promo code you can offer?

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