Raider’s Kids — Newest Jacob Lambs

While most people are done lambing, we’ve had to do some “clean-up” lambing on our City Girls.  They’ve all finished now, and we have brand new springy lambs from some really great bloodlines.



Mud Ranch’s Queenie” — Born 04/21/09  Kenleigh’s Raider x Castle Rock’s Princess


Mud Ranch’s Kiri” — Born 04/25/09 Kenleigh’s Raider x Kenleigh’s Kiara


Mud Ranch’s Karl” — Twin to Kiri (above.)  Serious stud potential.


“Mud Ranch’s Bianca” — Born 04/28/09 Raider x Hillside’s C.R. Boudicca

Bianca was a twin but her brother (very similarly marked) passed away at two days old.  Pretty ewe lamb if you like a lot of black — like me.


“Mud Ranch’s Rafiki” — Born 04/29/09 Raider x Castle Rock’s Grace O’Malley


“Mud Ranch’s Ewgene” — Born 05/03/09 Raider x Chicory Lane Emma


“Mud Ranch’s Elivin” — Twin to Ewgene above.  Another, serious stud potential.


“Mud Ranch’s Stardust” — Born 05/03/09 Raider x Castle Rock’s Sprinkles


“Mud Ranch’s Daphne” — Born 05/04/09 Raider x Castle Rock’s Aphrodite


“Mud Ranch’s May” — Born 05/15/09 Raider x Castle Rock’s April

For anyone who knows who’s who in the Jacob sheep world, most of these babies trace back to Chicory Lane Houdini who is now owned and used by Robin at Meridian Jacobs.

And now, leaving you with a lamby smile, “Say cheese Stardust!”



And yes, they’re for sale… need any sheep?

Pedigrees in a nutshell —

  • Princess – Chicory Lane Houdini x Hillside’s C.R. Boudicca
  • Kiara – Magic Moon Captain Hook x Zettle’s Blackberry
  • Boudicca – Marischal Doug x Hillside’s Gidget’s Midge
  • Grace O’Malley – Chicory Lane Houdini x Kenleigh’s Kiara
  • Emma – Culloden Isaiah x Marsh View Carolina
  • Sprinkles – Chicory Lane Houdini x Hillside’s C.R. Boudicca
  • Aphrodite – Chicory Lane Houdini x Kenleigh’s Kiara
  • April – Chicory Lane Houdini x Chicory Lane Emma
  • Raider – Rolling Hills Joey x Zettle’s Harley

Feel free to do a search on the names above on the JSBA’s pedigree search to find out more background.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Wow, there are a lot of them! They are all adorable and unique. I think Stardust is my favorite.
    I love your names, too! 🙂

    • Thanks PG — Stardust is a favorite around here too and what’s really unique is my Hubby got to name her. 😉 It just *went* with “Sprinkles.”

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