Sunday Stills — Eyes

This week I had planned on doing a bang-up job on the eye post and had all sorts of little schemes in my thoughts but none of them worked out due to lack of time.  So, here’s a few that I was able to get anyway.


I liked this one of my ram lamb Luis because you can read the thoughts in his eyes.  I was scratching his mama on her chest (a favorite spot) and he was thinking she was crazy and that I was a predator so he stood only a couple feet away, at her rear hip peeking around to watch my “attack” unfold.  I think he was rather disappointed.


This is our two year old heifer, Jessica.  She has taken a liking to me and when I was trying to get updated pictures of our lambs she wouldn’t leave me alone.  I kept hearing her breath on the back of my hair and then of course came the drool that always seems to leak out of cow’s mouths.


And then this is Sunnie’s eye, after he had a bath this past Friday.  Definitely not one of my favorite “eye shots” of horses — you can make them so neat looking but never-the-less, it is his eye.


And finally, the color version from last week’s black and white.

Have a good Sunday everyone!

About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. theegggather

    Great shots – love seeing the color photo from last week’s challenge. Good job.

  2. The one of the heifer is really good, and much more pleasant than the one I took of a bull!

  3. I’d say you definitely did a “bang up” job! These are all great! I can’t pick a favorite…I love all of them! The colors in the second one, though, are especially striking.

  4. The lamb’s thinking maybe he should protect his Mama, but that’s kind of scary! Very fun shots. Jessica looks like a sweetie!

  5. Nice job. Your babies blue eyes are piercing. 🙂

  6. Wow!! Great shots all of them. I love the heifer, that’s a really great shot.

  7. I love the shot of those baby blues!

  8. Great shots! Jessica looks cool! But I love the last one. Kiddoo with Blue eyes!!! Amazing! 😀

  9. Great shots! Love the cow!

  10. These are great…I can’t imagine what you had planned when you had more time!

  11. Your daughter has beautiful eyes, the horse one is cool cause you can see the reflection of another horse.

  12. Beautiful shot of your daughter’s blue eyes.

  13. Great photos, I love the one of the little girl in color..she has great eyes! 🙂

  14. Love the photos. Your daughter looks so peacful like right before a nap

  15. All great! I like the last one and the one of Jessica the best.

  16. They turned out great, especially love the one of your little one!

  17. Your photos are amazing! Just stopped by for the first time I will come back again 🙂

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