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I had some “Mommy-Time-Off” today and went out to take photos of the horses and anything else I found in the pasture that would be Photo Card worthy.  I think I got a couple of neat shots that would be interesting enough to make into photo cards to sell at our Peddler’s Faire next month — I’m wondering what you think.


This one I love, it’s of our red dun mare Cali and I love all the color that it shows and the richness of the color too.  I tried it in a more washed out look but it seemed less dramatic.    I also made sure to crop it in the rule of thirds so her eye is in the lower right corner and matching up with the grid lines to make the photo more appealing — as  rule, most of the time, things are not as interesting centered.


I’m kind of thinking this picture of Sunnie’s muzzle munching on the new spring grass only appeals to me — I tend to think I have a rather “strange” eye.  What do you think?  Too artsy, too… too… too…  I really am not looking to have this one on a card but could it?  Have you ever heard the name “barn blind” in the terms of horse breeders?  Well it can happen to photographers too, especially those that photograph their own animals.


How about our resident geese? 

And this last one, I can’t decide on which looks best; colorized, black and white, or color — I’m leaning more on the black and white.


1. Colorized


2. Black and White


3. Color

… Or, not at all?

Also, would you think it would be more interesting or attractive to package in bundles of, say, 5 cards or individually?

And, would you do bundles of themes or miscellaneous?

I appreciate your thoughts and help!

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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Okay, great shots!! I really like the wild bushy manes and forelocks of your horses, they make for sure interesting and textural shots! 🙂 The first one is cool and I agree about the non-centering thing and need to practice that more.
    The muzzle one is neat to me because I love to photography muzzles (and horses grazing too, hee hee!) but a non-horsey person might not find the same joy in it as we do…..
    I love the colorized and color version of the last one. That last one in color is super cool….the horse’s eye really stands out!
    I would probably do individually and small sets of 5. Someone might just see one card that calls to them (I often buy them for myself and never use them because I love the photo so much 🙂
    Do you do the cards using a service like Snapfish or do you print the photo and attach it to card stock?

    • Thanks for your input PG! 😀 Interesting that you like the last photo in color… Everyone is different. 😉 I may just do a few of the muzzle one, for us horsey-types.
      I am planning on using Snapfish but was looking into a more professional place (can’t remember the name) but I believe they want “clients” who are more on the professional side of things rather than amateurs — I’ll write them and ask anyway b/c their work is beautiful!
      PS: I was thinking w/ the packs of 5, I’d do a bow around them with some ribbon and attach a handmade tag.

  2. I really like the first photo. Also, why not the finch on the tree trunk from the other day’s post. I really like the bright yellow finch on the b&w background. I’m thinking others might, too.
    As far as the muzzle, I’m horsey, too, so I like it. But, what I would like even more is a photo that shows MORE of the wrinkled muzzle and nostrils, not hidden by the grass. Maybe if you got a serious close up of the nose in action it would be more interesting, too!
    I think a combo of five pics would be great!

    • Thank you Danielle! I appreciate it — I’ll try and get a closer photo of Sunnie’s chewing action. Those are hard! 😀

  3. These are great shots. I think if you added some “horse themed quotes” they would all make deligtful cards. Sometimes the quotes seem to make a random shot come alive. I think you can sell them alone or in sets and they will be a hit! I might just have to come home for the Peddlers Fairs so I can see all of your beautiful work in person. 🙂

    • Excellent thought on the quotes Rachelle – Thank you! 🙂 Do you think I should do them on the photo itself or inside the card?

      • I think you could do it either way. Sometimes they look better inside and other times outside or you can do a combination of the first part of the quote outside and the final part inside. Just play with it and see what works best. I think they will be lovely either way! 🙂

  4. I think you should do bundles of 5 different pics. If you use Snapfish, let us know how you like them.

  5. I like your first shot, and the colorized and color versions of your last shot. I think a four or five-pack of related photos is most appealing, like four different horse shots, four different sheep photos, etc. Here’s wishing you successful merchandising!

  6. Your first photo is great, and certainly the strongest in terms of composition. I the grazing photo could be as strong if you worked with slightly changing the angle of the shot – so more time in the field (yay!). As for the last photo and the question of which version to use, I think if you go with a bundle of 5 you should use 5 that are the same (either full color or not). If 2 of the bundle were b&w or colorized that would be okay, but just one seems too random. I like the idea of quotes – on the back of the card, I think – but they don’t have to be just horsey. I think your last post with the thought about never getting tired of nature is the type of thing that could also be expressed.
    We love looking at your posts – especially the sheep. We’re going to start farming on my folks place a bit north of Mt. Shasta, and we’re harboring dreams about adding Jacob sheep one day.
    Thanks for all the great photos and writing.

  7. I love the first one! And I like the colorized version of the last one. I think it enhances the quality of the photo.

  8. Hi–I really like the colorized ones..personally, i would buy individually, or a packaged set–if it had all different cards–that is to say, not 5 of the same one…I love the first photo.

    I would vote for quoteless myself…more all purpose that way!

  9. I LOVE your photos!!! LOVE the one of your red dun mare looking behind..the rule of thirds is one I live by…and break occasionally lol…

  10. I totally vote for the black and white shot!!!! 🙂 What program are you using to edit, if I may ask?

    • Thanks for visiting me Kari — glad to meet you over at I Heart Faces too.
      I use PS CS3. I am having so much fun with PS, it is certainly a steep learning curve but so much fun and I’ve only touched on the very basics. I love Scott Kelby’s books if you want a good book to learn from.

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