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I got some new flowers at the Home Depot the other day and they’re still waiting to be planted.  These are the Million Bells in “Teracotta” color, which I love.  They’ll be planted in a teracotta planter underneith the big pink aster looking flowers.  I think they’ll blend nicely.  In that neat weathered wine barrel I’ll plant my nasturtium seeds again this year, after the frosts.



The milk jug has historical significance, it was used in the old dairy that was near my parent’s house way back when… I’m not sure of the year but I believe it was round the turn of the century — that being 1900’s.  It’s bottom is rusted out from sitting in the old dairy barn for years but it is a nice reminder of the history of our valley and of a glass milk bottle that I could have bought at our Peddler’s Faire that was from that dairy… I’m still kicking myself for not getting that thing.


My parent’s took a train out to Boulder, Colorado to visit my brother for his birthday this past week.  They got back on Saturday, just in time for Easter and my Mom brought me this really neat set of playing cards featuring my hero, Annie Oakley.  There is a historical picture for every suit and one of them is an illustration I’ve been meaning to put in my side-bar.  I’ll get around to it.


My parents are known for setting out on long road trips — it’s a favorite past time for them.  Sure enough, they went to Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming and brought me back this mug.  I love the size and the color is perfect, I’m kinda nutty for Chocolate Brown plus it helps that I’m a fan of the State of Wyoming and then there’s a cowboy on there riding a bronc; definitely a favorite mug now.


And in my mail box came these little tags for my sheep — I’m now officially part of the mandatory scrapies program.  Poor sheep won’t know what hit them… From no ear rings to two!  One for our ranch and records, and one for the State.


And last, but certainly not least I received this yesterday via UPS from Amazon.com.  It is my new lens, which took all the above pictures and without a flash, indoors.  It is a 50mm f/1.8 and I’ve heard nothing but raves about this lens.  It is a Prime so you have to move your feet a lot, and what you see is what you get but that’s what is nice about it.  Also, the pictures are crisp and it’s fun to be able to turn a ring on my lens again, just like the good old days.  They’re pretty cheap, so if any of you want a fast lens for low light, I’d suggest you look into a 50mm.

Have a good day!  And watch out for more 50mm shots — hopefully portraits!

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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Looks like you had a really nice Easter!
    I love the new mug! That is a nice picture. Indoor photography will be the end of me, as I’m not a flash fan, either! Congrats on the new lens! Okay rookie here, but what does it mean that it’s “a Prime and you have to move your feet a lot?” 😉

    • Hi PG — The Prime means that it doesn zoom in or out, it is stationary so what you see is what you get, no moving in or out; therefore if you want something framed a bit differently then you may have to move in on your subject or back away.
      Wikipedia’s Definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_lens

  2. That lens looks like a lot of fun! I think I will probably look into getting one. I get so frustrated taking photos inside.

    Your flowers are so pretty! Same with your sunshine – we had snow this morning.

    Have fun tagging your sheep 😉

  3. I would drive out west just to find those playing cards! I noticed one of my sheep lost her tag this winter, can I put a big diamond stud in that hole? She would love it!

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