Monthly Archives: March 2009

The Bag I Made Today

I’ve found a bag pattern that I’m really enjoying.  I’ve only just started making this type today, and yes, this is my first of this pattern, but I really liked it none-the-less.


Like most of my bags, this one is also made for a friend.  I want to “practice” on all of them in hopes that I’ll make a bunch more before the first weekend in June where I’ll try and sell them at our local Peddler’s Faire.  I’ve got more fabric like this one so will make another of this color then a cowboy themed one and an Asian style fabric.


I’ve also included pockets in the bag, one sized for a cell phone, another for pens, and then a larger for multiple other things.  The magnetic closure was also a lot easier than I thought it would be so was pleasantly surprised.

Now all I’ve got to do is get my own sewing machine!  My Sewing Mentor just bought the one I want which is listed on e-bay; an Omega sold in Canada with free shipping.  I would like it in hopes that I can sew things made from sheep pelts that I get tanned in a washable form.  I’m envisioning vests right now, but who know where that could end up!  The possibilities are endless… 😉


Ready? Set!… Gooooo


One of Annie’s favorite games to play is called, “Go.”  And you have to say that with a mild Boston-ian accent, draw out the O and give it a tail so that it sounds something like “Gewooo.” 


She will back up to my parent’s kitchen wall and run as fast as her little legs will carry her down the kitchen and out the other side into Nanna’s arms, or whomever happens to be sitting in that chair at the dining room table.


She has since found that she can play this game almost anywhere and also adds slight variations now and then.  Such as grabbing a favorite toy, passing it on to the receiving person in trade for another favorite, then hiking back to the start position only to announce “Gewooo” again.


Sometimes her ultimate goal is to force someone else to play along, such as a doggie, Mama or Poppa and Nanna.  Such was not the case when she found a sheep trail down the middle of our pasture yesterday evening.


She decided that the ones who should be playing along were Hazel and Edna.  They did oblige and followed her pleas for them to follow her up the path (have I mentioned how nice it is to have bottle lambs for a baby to play with?)


And though they didn’t exactly chase after her, she didn’t seem to mind.  They do run most of the time but being that they’re all babies, they all must understand that there’s certain times of the day where they are in need of some relaxation and some shut-eye.


She seemed to enjoy herself regardless and was just glad to have all of our company and praise for a run well done.


“Ut-oh!  Where are the Bee’s?!”  Translated – Where are the lambs?!