Another Eco Store Giveaway!

I’ve had a few more products to give away from Eco Store but wanted to try them out a little further before passing them on to you… No, that doesn’t mean you’ll receive my half-used products but totally new and un-opened!


I have really enjoyed using this product.  I do have to say that it probably isn’t as good as old fashioned bleach, but I actually have a small problem with old fashioned bleach.  For one, it isn’t very good for my septic system and the micro-organisms that keep it ticking and two, I have fairly sensitive skin which has problems when I use the stuff too much when I clean… Though this Pure Oxygen Whitener is only for your laundry, it is still nice to have a more natural approach to whitening.

Pure Oxygen Whitener is made by Eco Store, a New Zealand based company who have recently moved to the States as well.  Their slogan is “No Nasty Chemicals,” and thus everything they make is safe, biodegradable and plant based from sustainable resources.  To look them and the products they produce up, visit at or where I received my products.

To answer this giveaway please leave a comment and state the answer to my question about you, “If you could learn how to do anything, what would it be?”

One entry per person please, a random number picked by Hubby will be chosen on Friday, April 3, 2009.

Good luck!


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Oh my, that’s quite a question! I’ve learned how to do so many things already that I don’t have time to pursue, what would I do with another? But I do know that there are things I’ve wished to learn . . . let’s see . . . I know! I’ve always wanted to learn to work with glass – fused glass and the like!

  2. Paint! Watercolor, airbrush, oils and pastel. Saving them for my “golden years”.

  3. Well there are so many and most I could do if I just tried better. First I would like to learn to back a horse trailer better, I have awful depth perception. I would like to learn to ride bridleless like Stacy Westfall, to music. To ride in mounted shooting or a cutting horse. I would like to learn to do silverwork jewelry. See, I could go on and on! Basically though I am greatful that the Lord has given me the opportunities that I have.

  4. When I want to learn something, I pretty much go ahead and learn it. Well, except maybe for patience – still haven’t really learned that! And pie crusts. Just can’t make a pie crust.
    Seriously though, I want to make shoes. I came across this really great book “Crafting Handmade Shoes” by Sharon Raymond. Handmade shoes from my handmade felt from my home raised sheep. Would that be cool or not!

  5. I’d like to learn to long line horses as well as Richard so I guess that means I’d like to learn to “see” what he sees during that process.

  6. I want to learn how to use PhotoShop – but Patchworkfiber’s comment has really got me thinking… That would be really cool 🙂

  7. Play the piano – I love the graceful music – but I should probably start with learning to read notes! I am also fascinated with the Irish Step dancing! Of course, I think patience is at the top of my list, but I’m not sure I WANT to go through that process!! (Tanyo says “neeeeeigh”, translated to “Hi there!”)

  8. Chelsea Zanni

    Well, I have to say that it really did not take me long to decide on my answer. If I had the opportunity to learn one thing, I would definitely have to learn how to sing like an Irish woman. I love to sing, but it would be super spectacular to be able to sing that beautifully.

    Also, Tanyo wants me to say that he would want to learn how to be able to move objects (like hay and mash) with his mind, cus it would just make life a lot easier and he wouldnt have to wait for me to bring his goodies to him 🙂

  9. Joan please don’t enter me in the drawing because I won last time. I did love the question that you asked thought and wanted to answer it. I have always wished I could learn to drive a race car in competition. I love to drive fast and have gotten our one ton Dodge truck up to 100 mph on a long stretch of freeway (with no one around of course). It gave me goose bumps at that speed…

  10. Right now I’m in the middle of learning beekeeping. It’s been on my list for years and my hive is almost ready and my nuc of bees shows up in two weeks. There is a steep learning curve in caring for such amazing and delicate creatures with the colonies collapsing all over the place.

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