A Horsewoman’s Spring

For a lot of people, spring is a fresh new arrival, always welcome bringing with it daffodils, singing birds, and new lambs.  For some horse people (I’m not going to say all here because others work with their horses year-round, rain or shine) spring brings with it a new excitment, sometimes felt in the pit of your stomach.

I got Sunnie out yesterday afternoon because my parents graciously gave me a “mommy day,” where she takes my daughter Annie all day so that I can do whatever I want.  Sometimes I’m able to do whatever I want other times it’s not so easy because of many other things that need attention… But I’m proud to say I ignored the dirty floors and the dirty dishes yesterday and played with my horse.


Our saddling went uneventful (which I had no doubt would, he’s pretty good really) so I brought him out further in to the yard and decided to do some lunging to make sure we were communicating properly.  Sunnie’s prance had a springy step to it which I could see was going to lead in to more spring than just a small bounce.


Sure enough, I was able to capture this one with the camera dangling around my neck.  The nice thing about Sunnie is that he doesn’t do the full-on buck with the head between the legs… His is more of a flying leap!


Between changing direction, I ask him to stop and stand nicely and this was the look he gave me.  Looks nice and calm doesn’t he?


While I had him stopped, Hubby pulled up and grabbed the camera from me… He WANTED to take these pictures!  Of course, there’s action!



Sunnie finally started settling in though, and we were able to start thinking when the sweat started to show on his neck.  He sure had a lot of vinegar built up in him from sitting all winter.


My saddle came a bit loose so I had to adjust the creeping pad and tighten the girth again (I always call it a girth and I always ride western!  Aren’t I supposed to call it a cinch?… Maybe it’s because I grew up riding in an Aussie saddle).


Back to a nice long trot, mostly under control and he’s listening a bit better now.


No, I didn’t get on yesterday but things weren’t as calm as I would have liked them to be and we had to leave fairly soon to the Big City… I wouldn’t want to start something I couldn’t finish on a good note.


Overall, I think Sunnie and I enjoyed our time together.  Hopefully next time around we’ll get cooperation much sooner and I’ll be able to ride.  This guy really is a dope, honestly!


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. I love the arrival of spring also. Congratulations on leaving the dust and dirt for a while to work with your horse. Love the photos!

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