Cheyenne’s Cure for a Bad Day

Cheyenne was demonstrating how to cure a bad day the other evening.  Funny thing is, her mama Celeste got her name because she was such a “sparkly” lamb in personality; looks like Cheyenne is following in her footsteps.






So next time you’re feeling a little blue, give Cheyenne’s cure a whirl.  Maybe people will look at you a little strange, but I think you just may feel a bit better afterward. 😉


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Bouncing baby lambs! How fun! I won’t be bouncing for a long time, but it makes me happy just seeing those sweeties jumping for joy!

    You had asked me on my blog where I plan to send out my wool for processing. Nowhere. I plan do it all myself. I took a wool processing class last year and feel prepared for handling my wool from start to finish. It’s fun! It’s easy too, just time consuming, but very satisfying. I’m mostly looking forward to spinning my wool into yarn and then I want to play with some kool aid dyeing on my churro batch.

    I considered getting someone to come in and shear for me, but with only two sheep, that won’t happen. All the shearers have a 10 sheep minimum or they won’t come out. I might do what I’m planning to do with my llamas, though: Shear Party. I’m taking them to a fellow llama owner friend and sharing in the costs. That way we have enough animals for the shearer to come and do them all at the same time. We can get worming and shots and feet done, too.


  2. That is hillarious!! I have heard of dancing the blues away but bouncing them away is a new one. Great job on capturing her antics. 🙂

  3. Great shots! It is especially funny that it is just her, the rest of the sheep are being so peaceful and calm. Very cute 🙂

  4. Shannon – that’s what cracked me up too. Everyone else was enjoying an evening munch and nap, no bouncing from anyone else. Then there’s Cheyenne… I’ve also got probably 5 more pictures like these but had to pick the best for ease of looking and posting!

    Thanks Lisa – how neat that you’re going to process your own wool! I sure wish they had classes for that around here. Hopefully it’ll come. 😉

    Thanks Rachelle! I like taking photos of these crazy sheep, and lambing time is the best!

  5. I am just laughing so hard. Celeste, you are a star.

  6. Absolutely precious! Love it!

  7. Juana, Anais says you need to get your baby lambs some jackets because it looks too cold outside for them. She thinks you need to bring all them into the house an teach them their manners so they can sleep on the couch. But don’t let the mamma in cause she’s too hairy. Anais doesn’t want you to have to vaccum up all the hair, isn’t she thoughtful? She also wants me to tell you to keep Annie’s jacket on so she doesn’t get a cold 🙂 Anais thinks she’s everyones mamma.

  8. Thanks for visiting Billie & Anais! Wow, so glad to hear for you two… Glad you found me and commented. Love, Juana

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