Puddin’-tane; A day in the life of a newborn lamb


I found him out in the pasture, just zonked from the great entrance in to the world the day before.  He’d found one of the horse trails that had a slight depression in to the ground, and was soaking up the sun, totally oblivious that I was there.


You could hear his heavy breathing and his sides heaved.  Every now and then a little lip would move up and down or a toe’d twitch.  Other than that it was complete silence and sweet dreams coming from little “Ford.”


So I decided to have a closer look at his little nose.  They’re so soft and small.  I’ve always loved noses on animals, nothing surpasses a foal’s whiskered muzzle but a lambs little button comes pretty close.


His hooves have hardened by now but they bring back the memory of a freshly born lamb’s hooves.  Soft as silk slippers and so fun to touch.


He just kept right on sleeping, hard as a rock.  Every now and then his mom would murmur to him hoping to rouse him up out of his slumber so I’d leave them all alone.  She was keeping her cool, though his little brother “Dodge” was wondering what was up.


“Hey man, mama says to get up!”


“Huh?  Humm? Wha…?  But why?”


A bunch of little mirror images they are.  I love how this mama, “Lou Ellen” (her friend’s call her Lou) passes on her cute blaze and nice face.  She also has some very striking eyes, marbled with vibrant blue.  She is Hubby’s favorite ewe.


Dodge says, “See ya later lady.  Thanks for the photoshoot.”

Our website is launched and lamb page being updated regularly, please visit us at: www.mudranchjacobs.com

About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Awwww! You sounds like a new mama yourself, checking noses, counting toes. hehe

    Ford and Doge, eh? Very clever. They sure are sweet as sugar those two and I can why hubby is fond of that ewe. She’s a looker and a very good mama, too.


  2. What a precious little boy! You are so lucky to have a pasture full of those little cutties. Love the new site, it looks great! 🙂

  3. Absolutely stunning photos! I think you got your new business cards too soon….

  4. Very sweet 🙂 He looks VERY content!

  5. Those are the cutest snoozing pictures ever. Just precious.

  6. I come from The 7MSN Ranch blog. These lambs are too cute! I saw your comments about the wool pelts I would be interested in one of those I bet they are beautiful! Love your pictures. I hope to stopy by more often!

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