12 Lambs in 7 Days – 15 Total and Counting

Obviously it’s been pretty busy around here, or else I might have posted more!  We’ve had lambs dropping like flies and I’ve been busy with our bottle babies, Hazel and Edna.

I’ve been trying to get photos of the lambs for my website and am having a hard time all of a sudden!  Seems they’ve either got their noses to the ground or their tails in the air.  I’ve been pretty pleased with a few of them though, as breeding stock… hopefully.

Mud Ranch's Jennifer

Mud Ranch's Jennifer


Jennifer, the stollen ewe lambs is really very pretty.  I like her big spots and she seems to have a nice lamb fleece.

Mud Ranch's Ford

Mud Ranch's Ford


This little lilac ram lamb is gorgeous!  I am really impressed with him thus far.  He has a nice lamb fleece, beautiful lilac coloring, excellent markings and a cute face.

Mud Ranch's Ford

Mud Ranch's Ford


He is out of our lilac ewe, Lou Ellen (Kenleigh’s Douglas x Mud Ranch’s Diedre) and by our four horned lilac ram, Kenleigh’s Debonair.

Dodge & Ford

Dodge & Ford


There’s his little brother, Mud Ranch’s Dodge, in the background, I have yet to get a good picture of him. 

Mud Ranch's Luis

Mud Ranch's Luis


This is my girl’s baby, Luis.  His mama is Violet and is sired by Kenleigh’s Debonair.

Mud Ranch's Francisco

Mud Ranch's Francisco


Luis’ brother Francisco, who I’m quite partial to.  I really like both of these boy’s faces, but Francisco is very handsome.  I think Violet is partial to both. 😉

That’s all for now… I’ve gotta go catch a few more shots of a few more lambs.  I’ll let you all know when the website is updated.  Hopefully Annie’s due for a longer nap today. 😉


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Jennifer is stunning, but Francisco is gorgeous! How fun to be busy with all those lambs. That the best kind of busy.

    Sleep Annie. Yay for long naps!


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