New Business Cards – Mud Ranch Jacobs

I had talked about ordering new business cards through MOO before going to our Fiber Fair.  Well, they didn’t show up in time but I am pretty pleased with them regardless.


The case that they come with is super sturdy and very well built.  It will survive living in my purse and truck just fine with all cards in great condition!  There’s a lot to be said about that.


50 Cards total, though I could have ordered 200… I just don’t think I’d use them quick enough. 😉  The 50 could have been all completely different which is easy to do using their online shop.  But I ordered using my Flickr account and that makes it so easy!  You can choose which photos you want and then edit each one.


Here’s the 13 different photos that I chose.  I also did a green backside which has all of our contact information (I blotted out our address and phone number so I don’t get strange calls from people I don’t care to talk to who may read this… Online security I guess).  You can upload a logo if you want to and there are many colors and layouts to choose from too.  The cardstock is very thick and so pretty, extremely professional.  My Hubby was even impressed and he’s talking about ordering some for his business because they are such high quality… That’s saying a lot!  So if you haven’t yet, go check out MOO for your business cards or even postcards and note cards too!


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Those look very nice; I’ll have to check them out! So far, I’ve just printed out what I need on my inkjet and trim them, but the color photos on yours are much more eye-catching. I’m waiting to see when lambing starts and whet I get before I decide if I’m going to BSG and OFFF this year….

  2. Thanks Michelle, I am trying to talk Hubby into going to BSG this year, OFFF sounds like a lot of fun too! I don’t know if I’d show on the first attendence, but I would like to go to see if I want to show next year! I’m also interested b/c showing sheep has changed so much since I did it for 4H w/ my Suffolks. You can wear normal clothes, and stand up! Plus using a halter?! What has become of the world?! LOL 😀 I’ll be happy to meet you face to face if we both end up attending either show.

  3. I plan to be at both on Sunday, whether I show or not, The big sheep are still shown without halters most of the time, but the Shetlands are usually wearing halters. That way you don’t have to bend way over ALL the time! Ha!

  4. Your business cards are beautiful and I love the box they came in! I will have to check them out. Yes, yes, yes come to BSG! That would be so much fun and you guys are more than welcome to stay here 🙂 OFFF is fun too, but BSG is my favorite!

  5. Sweeet cards!

    Thanks for showing them off. Maybe one day I’ll have a need to have some printed up, too.


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