Cool Jacob Sheep News

I just received my Hobby Farms magazine in the mail yesterday, March/April 2009.  There was a little article on page 12 titled, “Not All Lamb Is Created Equal.”  I wanted to write it out here so as to show how neat it is, and to show how good the Jacob lamb meat is!

As you prepare your leg of lamb this season, keep in mind the results of Legacy of Lamb, the first heritage-breed lamb tasting, which was held last fall at Ayrshire Farm in Upperville, VA.  Approximately 90 food fans participated in the blind taste test, which compared nine endangered-breed meats — Gulf Coast, Hog Island, Jacob, Katahdin, Leicester Longwool, Navajo-Churro, Santa Cruz, St. Croix, Tunis — and commercially available Australian lamb, making this the largest-ever comparison of lamb breeds in North America.

“When we eat them, we are giving farmers an economic reason to conserve rare breeds and the important genetic diversity they represent,” says Sandy Lerner, the event’s host.

The meat was scored on flavor, texture, tenderness, smell and appearance.  The winner was the Santa Cruz; second place was Tunis; and third place was Jacob  The top two breeds each received nearly twice as many  votes for first choice compared to the other breeds, although organizers said each breed collected a number of second and third placements on individual tally cards, making it difficult to say there was one obvious winner.

Legacy of Lamb was produced through a partnership of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, Humane Farm Animal Care, Slow Food USA and Ayrshire Farm.


On that note, no wonder we have so many return customers and more people calling us up wondering when we’re going to have more locker lamb available!  I used to never like lamb meat, I raised them for 4H but always hated the taste, then when I tried our Jacob a few years ago my mind changed.  I now prefer it over most beef (I’m still a sucker for a really good filet mignon 😉 ).

Jacob sheep are such a neat breed; cool color, excellent fleece for spinning, tasty meat, neat horns!  You never know what you’re going to get each lambing season and I really like that diversity… Signing off now to go clean some pens.  Lambs are coming soon!


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  1. Thank you for posting that. I had a friend call yesterday and tell me about the article and I couldn’t wait to see it! You are right – Jacobs Rock!!! 🙂

    Raider is looking good! I can’t wait to see your babies!

  2. I sure agree! I can’t stand the taste of grocery store lamb and I sure like the taste of our home raised Jacobs.

  3. I’ve only tried lamb once and didn’t like it much. So it sounds like I need to be looking for the breed, very interesting. But makes sense. Thanks for this post.

  4. Thanks for stopping in Mikael, yes, there really is a big difference in the taste of our sheep and commercially farmed “meat” breeds. The other breeds have that gamey taste and are real “greasy.” Mine are super lean which is nice because the fat is what really tastes bad. If you’re able to find a Jacob farm around you (which shouldn’t be too hard up there), you should try them out. It is good! 🙂

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