A Blast from Lambing’s Past

I’ve been digging through my old photo folders today trying to find cute pictures of sheep and lambs for some business cards I’m having made at MOO.  I order them through Flickr in my invisible full size file and though I’ve only done it once, the cards did turn out really nice!  In case you’re looking for some place that you can do various photos I suggest MOO to you.


Anyway, I found some old photos of my original lambs born way back in early ’07.  This is Hattie, she was lost in the fall of ’07 during a coyote killing rampage that actually made us lose 7 sheep!  Some were pregnant ewes but I did really mourn the loss of Hattie because she was so beautiful and calm.


This is Hattie in the foreground but her little sis is there with her, and we’ve still got her today… Nell.  She’s a wonderful mama, so cute and sweet, not as striking as Hattie but I still feel fortunate to have her as their mama Madge, was lost during that time too. 


This is Stella and Lou Ellen, twin sisters that don’t look anything alike.  Their mama was bit nuts and… yep, we lost her, but I’ve still got these two.  Stella is a favorite of mine and Lou Ellen is a favorite of Hubby’s.  He always says, “Who’s that really good looking lilac out there?  With the nice four horns?”  It’s always Lou Ellen.


The Shepherd around here certainly doesn’t know the sheep on the personal basis that this here Shepherdess does.  Weren’t they cute lambs too?  Stella is also a good lilac producer, which I’m pretty pleased with being that she’s black and white.  The other one like that aroun here is Cordelia, she’s mostly black but throws lilacs.


This was Dot, yep, was.  We lost her too… I told you we lost a lot that fall.  It was depressing!  But Dot I have fond memories of because as a tiny lamb she would come marching up to me and paw at my leg then want to be held.  You can imagine how she wormed her way in to my heart.  She also had those beautiful blue eyes and the cutest little black dot right on the back of her head, perfectly between her ears.


Saving the best for last, you may recongnize this gal.  She’s given tours here before.  This is Violet, the very sainted, practically perfect in every way, ewe.  I adore this sheep.  She is so lovely in temperament, I just can’t say enough good about her.  I am so excited to meet her lambs this year, I can hardly wait.

So those are some of the contenders for my business cards.  I plan on going to my very first Fiber Fair on 2/21 and was actually invited by the organizer to bring a couple of sheep.  It is to show the kids attending where wool comes from and that it actually does grow on the hoof.  I’m pretty excited as this will put us in contact with local spinners and wool users who don’t know we are here.  Hopefully it brings some good business our way and maybe I can make new contacts so that they can teach me a thing or two about using wool.  I am looking very forward to our time and will be sure to take photos to share here.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to take to the Fiber Fair as far as literature, decorations etc?


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. I love all the pics. makes me want to have sheep.
    have a good evening,

  2. They are all lovely lambs and I am so glad that you have the fierce Abby around to protect your babies now. Hattie was precious! I can’t wait to see your lambs this year.

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