An Award and other snippits

Annie and I have been enjoying the warm weather here, though we don’t exactly need sun in January and February as we’re supposed to have rain and if we don’t have rain then our resevoirs won’t fill up and the salmon will die and the farmers throughout central California won’t have water for the crops and the food will skyrocket in price and we’ll have to import more food which could be dangerous to our health ’cause heavens knows HOW the imported food is grown and kept clean… but enough of that, this is a happy post.


Annie did, however, want to show you all the pretty dress she picked out this morning from the laundry basket full of unfolded clothes that’s sitting on the bathroom floor.  She even picked the bloomers to match, but they’re under the jeans her mother insisted that she wear.


She also wanted to show you all her wonderful Abby whom she loves so very very much.  Abby is the sweetest canine sister any one could want and Annie’s pretty proud to call her her own.


Abby probably weighs 120 lbs. at 16 months old but she sure doesn’t like the big suit she’s been given.  Abby wants to be a lhasa or possibly a maltese or even a chihuahua.  Abby isn’t proud of her height or build, and would much rather be petite, short, and on your lap without inflicting pain.  I have a friend who says she’s 5’12” and I told her that Abby and she had similar frames of mind, the “Why am I so tall?” frame of mind.  But I love my tall friend and my tall dog just the way they are.


But then I tend to be the type of person who won’t dye my hair because it is the color God wanted me to have… Though I wouldn’t argue if He decided to make me 5’7″ instead of 5’3″.


Now on to business… My friend Shannon at Stories from the Farm (Kenleigh Acres) gave me a very nice award today.


Along with this blog award comes the responsibility to list five things I’m addicted to and then pass it on to five people so here goes:

  1. Photoshop- Just like Shannon mentioned, I am addicted to all the neat things Photoshop has to offer.
  2. My Nikon D50- she ain’t new, she ain’t top of the line but I sure like the photos she produces.
  3. Stampin’ Up!-  Too much of my money has funded their operation.
  4. Mochas- especially Peppermint mochas, or the Java Chip Frapuccinos at Starbucks.
  5. Anything that has to do with Jacob Sheep and Kiger Mustangs… I’m a bit of an obsessive person with these two types of creatures. 

I could list more than that but I don’t want you all to know just how addictive of a personality I have… Thankfully it’s never anything harmful.

  1. Linda at the 7MSN, I’m sure she’s received this award as she has so many followers but I wanted her to know how much I appreciate her sense of humor and her photos.
  2. Raising Country Kids, what a fun place to visit.  Another one with excellent photography and a fun sense of humor; but very different to the one above.
  3. Michelle at Boulderneigh, a very informative blog on knitting, fibers, and Shetland sheep!
  4. Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch, I’m sure she’s probably received this by now but she has a very nice blog where she wears her heart on her sleeve.  A very honest person, loving and fun with neat critters too!
  5. Pony Girl, another popular blog that I really enjoy visiting.  I love all the cowgirl things she shares with us and her trail rides are always fun to go along on.

Thanks again Shannon! 🙂 



About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Aw, thanks so much for the award!! I will get it posted with my five (how will I decide on five?!) addictions real soon.
    I LOVE the pics you posted of Annie and Abby! What fun editing, such a vintage look to them! Annie’s cute red polka-dot dress just makes the shot, too! 😉

  2. Well, thank-you, kind lady! I’ll follow up on that soon. In the meantime, I could gaze forever at that second photo of Abby looking up lovingly at your girl.

  3. Thank you, Joan! Annie and Abby are such a beautiful pair – all of these pictures are just priceless.

    Is that a new header? I love it.

  4. What precious pics of Annie hugging her puppy sister.

    Congrats on your award! Your addictions don’t sound like anything fatal, so I think you’re good!

  5. Thank you for the kind compliment! I’m honored. I love your photos of your little girl and your sheep. I’m quite partial to toddlers as well as sheep, and both are in short supply around here.

  6. Those are absolutely adorable pictures! I can’t believe how big they have both gotten 😉

  7. Thanks for the award, my friend. Especially for all the kind words 🙂
    Your addictions suit you well and make you the interesting and wonderful person you are.
    I really must try out Photo Shop one day. I aspire to create photos like yours, especially the ones of Annie and Abby in this post. Gorgeous!
    My daughter is yearning for a Great Pyr ‘Bear Dog’, too. They seem like loving, patient ‘baby sitters’. I was giggling at your comment about your friend saying she is 5’12”. I’m actually 5’11, so you’ve got two tall friends now.
    I was just thinking that what your friend said about her height is akin to someone saying their horse is 15.4 hh. lol!

    By the way, you have stunning eyes my friend. And lovely hair color. God given and all that, too. You’ve got to try and post more pics of yourself sometime. 😀


  8. Thanks Ladies and you girls are so deserving!

    Lisa, you’re too sweet. Thank you… my friend that’s 5’12” hates being “six foot.” LOL She is such a beautiful lady too, auburn hair, deep brown eyes and very classy. I often wonder why she likes hanging out with me. LOL I’m anything but classy! 😀 Oh, and posting a pic of myself usually has to consist of crazy self portraits. 😉

  9. Those pics of Annie and Abby are beyond sweet. I love them! what a look of adoration between them. You have some talent Ms. Joan!

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