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A Sheepish Eco Store Giveaway

In celebration of lambing time and the black and white spotted babies it brings to our springtime pastures, Bea and I have decided to host a giveaway.  Bea and I, both being stay-at-home-moms, mothers to bouncing baby girls, and being that we both agree on using products that are natural and contain No Nasty Chemicals we thought that this particular product would agree with us both.


It is called Sleepytime Bath – Baby Aromatherapy; 6.8 fl. oz., and made in New Zealand by Eco Store.  I got my particular products from the Eco Store USA, because, well the shipping would be far less.  But I did use it in Annie’s bath last night and it proved useful in that it gave off a very relaxing smell which seemed to keep Annie calm and in the tub longer, she can get kinda bored with the tub after a bit.  And when I put her down in her crib, she fell fast asleep.  The best thing about it is the peace of mind knowing that it is a natural product, not bringing chemicals to my baby’s largest organ; her skin.  I am sure Bea would agree in the case of Clarise.


So whether you have a baby of your own, are attending a shower soon, know someone who has a babe, are a grandparent to a charming little one, or just want to use it yourself (I won’t tell), you can enter to win this bottle of Sleepytime Bath by leaving me a comment answering the question:

What are you doing this weekend?”

Not too hard eh?  I will then ask Hubby to pick a random number of his choosing and will match that number up to the person who commented on this blog.  Entries will be accepted until Sunday evening, 6:00 pm PST- one entry per person please!


“Hmmm… From reading the back of this thing, I’m thinking this may help me get Holly to sleep at night.  That little gal can be so wound up!”


Hint:  The Flock and I have a couple more products for you to try out… Watch for upcoming giveaways.

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