My Kigers

I noticed my horses enjoying the coolness as the sun went down.  Don’t get me wrong, they love the sun, the warmth makes them sleepy but when it starts to go down they feel their energy pick up and they start to run around.  So, though I got more portraits than anything, I did get a pretty neat airborn picture of little Annie Oakley.


I’ve been able to capture this type of trot on a few of my horses over the years and am always amazed at the long reach of their trot and the toes off the ground or just barely touching.


And my little girl just after her trot, catching her wind.  Annie Oakley takes after her namesake and is short being only 14.1 hands.  But what she makes up in height she certainly makes up for in punch.  She’s got a lot of spirit and smarts, much like the real Annie Oakley.  She’s my little sharp shooter.


Then there’s my mellow yellow, Caliente.  She is super mellow, mellow enough for all my horses put together.  Nothing gets Cali upset, she isn’t afraid of anything and takes pleasure in making everyone else jump.  She will even take a blue tarp and shake it just to watch the others run.


Cali was also by far the easiest horse to train to ride.  She especially appreciated our lessons that included standing under the apple tree and picking apples.  I think that’s when she decided carrying a person wasn’t so bad!


Then there’s the man, the myth, the legend:  Sunnie.  He is a wonderful, bright, loving, caring soul.  He was my stallion and produced some beautiful babies who all mostly took after him.  When my decision to quit breeding came about, I couldn’t stand the thought of selling him so he was gelded.  What makes a nice stallion makes an even better gelding.  Sunnie was then sent away for 90 days training and he is now a wonderful riding horse with a beautiful stop, lope, trot and walk.  He spins on the haunches and forehand and is a joy to ride.  Oh yes, he definitely will give a goosey bounce every now and then but for the most part, he’s a angel.  I love this horse to pieces.


About mudranch

I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. Beautiful horses. I love that blonde mane.

  2. Your Kigers are SO beautiful. Annie Oakley is such a perfect name for that mare! (AND she is the perfect size!).

  3. Annie is exhibiting a trot that all of us dressage riders LOVE! But I like something taller than her to fill up my long leg. I’ve admired several Kigers around here; one stallion I met at a show had me dreaming of leasing a WB or TB mare to breed him to for a homegrown dressage horse. Of course, you never know how the F1 crossbreds will turn out….

  4. Beautiful pictures – thanks for sharing. Calie sounds like my ewe, Viva! When she was a lamb, we had some lumber for a construction project covered with a blue tarp. When the sheep would be out grazing in our yard, she would jump up and down on the tarp, making all the other run away in fear 🙂

  5. Sunnie, Caliente and Annie Oakley are all such gorgeous horses. I can why you had Sunnie as a stallion. He’s handsome! I think it’s great that you kept him and then got him trained to ride.

    That flying horse of yours is a great shot!

    My kind of horse would be Cali. I like calm, quiet, laid back horses myself, but that’s because I’m new to horses. In my younger days I’m sure I’d have loved those gallops and quick turns, maybe even barrel racing. But now a slow trail ride is the way I love to spend my days.

    New Mexico

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