Frosty, Cold, Morning


Abby was just grateful that the water wasn’t frozen, so was I.  It had to be down in the 20’s this morning, everthing was well frosted though it started to thaw a bit about the time I was able to take pictures in the early early light.  I had woken up at 6:00 (that’s a fairly big deal for me, I’m normally a 7:00’er).  I never was a morning person until I married Hubby who taught me I was wasting the day.  And of course, I had to give birth to an early riser.  But after I drag myself out of bed I actually enjoy the early morning especially when I get all my chores done early and don’t feel rushed the rest of the day.


I love the look of oak leaves with the fringe of frost on them.  It defines the edges so beautifully and just sets me in the mood for the season.




One of my favorite things to do in the morning is listen to the animals enjoy their hay.  They are just so satisfied and happy when I feed, if they were cats they’d purr.  The munch munch sound is soothing too, it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing they’re all warm and fuzzy.


Big bad funny Sunnie shares with this silly ewe named Lilly.  Sunnie is our ex-stallion who was a stallion until he was five.  He likes to pretend he is tough but his eyes and actions give him away.  He’s the biggest teddy bear around and has a heart for crazy lilac ewes who aren’t afraid of horses.  Or else she knows a sucker when she sees one, but you’ll always find these two eating together sometimes with a couple more ewes such as Celeste and Nell.


Here is Nell enjoying the hay inbetween Sunnie’s hooves.  Nell and Lilly have the same parent’s but were born a year apart.  Their mama was a crazy ewe named Madge.  She had a bostonian accent and was a pig for hay.  Whenever we’d offer grain, she’d run to the hay piles like a maniac and never did care for grain.  She was also very fat.  We miss Madge Pie as she went to the green pasture in the sky one year ago.


Abby likes to make her rounds in the early fog, barking to make sure that no wiley Coyotes are lurking about, taking advantage of their temporary cover.  I appreciate her checking the pastures just before I let the sheep out and she takes it pretty seriously.  On a frosty, foggy morning, she may have the best camo out there.


She also likes to take extra care of slow moving arthritic old ladies such as Agatha.


While the animals munch, Abby watches over the flock, and Annie sleeps in her crib, I like to take frosty photos.




And last but not least, my first bough of the season, attempting to get my spirits in to the Christmas holiday.


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I live in the country, I love to take photos, I'm a shepherdess, I adore my husband and daughter, I walk in the will of Christ.

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  1. I dread it when the water freezes….it’s a long hilly hike to my water troughs and just breaking the ice doesn’t seem to be enough. 😦 I do love the look of frost on everything though and you captured some great pics! I also love the one of Abby out in the fog.

  2. wow.. what an interesting flow of pictures. I love them! I have to say that my favorites are the frost covered leaf and the pooch sitting in the middle of the field. Its such a different life for a farm dog versus my dog. My guy is spoiled as they come and never has to work a day in his life (not to say your guy doesnt probably LOVE working and isnt spoiled, i’m sure he is)

    If you wanted to see some pics of my dog, i just posted a few on my blog

  3. I also love the munch munching sounds of the animals enjoying their meals. That is nice that Abby pays extra attention to the old ones – very sweet. Your hay is so pretty and green!

  4. I noticed the nice green hay also, I had to buy decent local hay this year against my better judgment, the really nice stuff was over my budget. I love the foggy picture and of course the frosty oak leaf. Nice pictures, as always (I’ve never seen a bad one on your blog yet 🙂 ).

  5. Thanks everybody!

    Yes, Abby is pretty spoiled especially for a watch dog/guardian dog/ranch dog. She stays home 24/7 but loves every minute of it. She also sleeps outside but Hubby made her a beautiful dog house that could fit two of her size. I think the barn cats appreciate it more than she does though, seems she likes to be out of it most the time.

    Shannon & Mary — We get our hay from a haying community about two hours north of us in a gorgeous mountain valley. Their soil is dark and rich and they grow some of the best hay around. We are very fortunate to be able to buy ours directly from the ranch instead of through a broker and we go up and inspect it in the spring… Okay, so our “inspections” are just an excuse to go up there. 😉 It is mostly orchard grass with a small amount of alfalfa mixed in. Very fine stemmed and very palatable. 😀

  6. Abby is a very special girl. We are considering getting a Great Pyrenees for our flock next year. Is Abby GP? All your photos are really wonderful. I especially love the one of the frosted oak leaves. Exquisite!

    I, too love to stop and listen to my animals munching hay. It’s such a peaceful sound. I’m not a morning person either, but you’re right about wasting the day sleeping in, especially during Fall with Daylight Savings. ugh! It gets dark so early.

    New Mexico

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